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3 Ideas on How to Use Home Automation for Special Occasions

Create Fun Scenes for Your Charlotte Smart Home

3 Ideas on How to Use Home Automation for Special Occasions

A smart home does much more than just control your lights and TV with your phone. It can automatically start and stop every feature in your Charlotte, North Carolina home without you having to even lift a finger. The magic of automation means that you can customize all of the technology in your home so that it mirrors your day-to-day activities and schedules. In this blog we'll show you how you can create specific scenes for special occasions with your Control4 system. We've got 3 fun ideas to get you started.

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1. Pool Party
Summertime is right around the corner which means you'll have more time with the kids or other family members and friends to enjoy the warm weather. Plan a pool party with your smart home system by creating a music playlist and distributing the music to your landscape speakers around the pool and hot tub. Turn on the outdoor Seura TV and stream the football or baseball game. If it's a late-night rendezvous, you can add a lighting setting to the scene and brighten the pool, walkways, and bar area. Hit one button and it all turns on instantly! You'll have this scene at your fingertips all summer long so you can work on that tan and have fun.

2. Movie Night
Whether you have a dedicated home theater or a media room, movie night can be a breeze setting up with this saved setting. Hit a button and the shades will come down to prevent glare, the thermostat will lower to a cool degree, the lights will turn off so you can see the screen better (except for the backlights or walkways so no one trips) and the projector and screen or TV comes on. If you have the Kaleidescape server, you can pick a movie ahead of time, purchase and download it so that it's ready when you are. That way if it's Friday or Sunday afternoon, you're one click away from a fantastic flick.

3. Bake Off or Grill Out
This scene can be created for your kitchen or patio. Get the girls together for a bake off and make cookies or cakes. Or gather the guys for an afternoon grill out and prepare burgers, hot dogs, or ribs on the barbecue. Set the scene in the kitchen by playing some background music, like jazz or acoustic songs; turn up the lights so you have plenty of light to see; lower the solar shades so it doesn't get too hot; and play the Food Network so you can follow the instructions. For the guys, you can turn on a sports show or the radio to stay entertained while you make some amazing food. Cooking or baking doesn't feel like work when you have home entertainment and good company around.

Now that you can picture what it's like to live in a smart home, why not give us a call? We can install home automation that mirrors your daily lifestyle. Get started by filling out this online form.