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3 Signs Your Smart Home Needs an Update

Make Sure Your Smart Home is Reaching Optimal Performance

3 Signs Your Smart Home Needs an Update

It’s fairly common for people to purchase an electronic device, use it for a few months, and then realize it’s already outdated or needs an upgrade because a new model has already been launched. Most of us have experienced this with smartphones. There are now seven models of the iPhone, and companies often have to alert you to software updates, sometimes even every month.

It’s true that any piece of technology you purchase is a long-term investment- especially smart home automation. You have to regularly update and occasionally upgrade your device. But the truth is you don’t have to worry about losing out when you work with a professional like The Integrated Home. Not only will we service your smart home for life, but we’ll also make any needed smart home updates along the way so that it reaches optimal performance. Keep reading to see if your house in the Lake Norman, North Carolina area needs an upgrade.

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#1 Your Smart Home is Slow, and Can’t Connect with All Your Components

If your smart home system is slow, and often has problems connecting with your devices, this is likely a network issue. A smart home must have the proper network infrastructure to work properly. An average Internet provider just won’t cut it. You need a professional to install the network and analyze your home to make sure all the connections and routers are placed in the proper location. This is especially important if you want to be able to do things like arm your security system from another state. It’s also crucial when you regularly use streaming services like Netflix or Spotify. Establishing a proper network connection is the first upgrade you may need to make.

#2 Your Devices Are Outdated

If you are still using the older models of controls to use your smart home it’s definitely time for an update. A lot of the older universal remotes and controllers are heavy, bulky, and are limited. Since most people today use their mobile devices to control and manage their lives, most smart home companies have adapted and now offer smart home mobile apps that you can download onto your phone, tablet, or computer. They also have sleek, simple, and lightweight touch pads that are dedicated to controlling your home. They can sit on a table so you can move it throughout the house, or be installed inside the wall so it’s more stationary. Our partner Control4 even offers fun colors for these controllers, like fire red, and many of these in-wall touch screens have charging stations for your devices too. Upgrade your controllers, and you can enjoy a lot of new smart home features like streaming surveillance footage in HD, or creating custom scenes like “Wake up” and "Goodnight.”

#3 Your Home Isn’t Smart Enough

The beauty of having a smart home is being able to put it on auto pilot – meaning it can manage your energy, security, and media all on its own. You can sort of set it and forget it. If your smart home can’t do that, you should consider an upgrade. Your smart thermostat will be able to manage and monitor your electricity usage and make adjustments to save you money and energy. Your security system will alert you immediately to suspicious activity, and even if the basement floods. And your smart home can wake you up and say goodnight on a regular routine.

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