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5 Tips for Enhancing Your Gaming Sessions with Automation

Media Room Design Can Make Your Video Game Nights Even Better

5 Tips for Enhancing Your Gaming Sessions with Automation

Video games are at the top of the list for many people during the holiday season. It doesn’t matter whether you are 10, 16 or 45, gaming is for everyone. A custom media room design is definitely for the ultimate gamer though; the die-hard fans will appreciate a room dedicated to playing their favorite systems. And we aren’t talking about just a plain home theater system; we can immerse you in all the fun with automation. Here are some ways we can tailor your video game room in Charlotte, NC with technology.

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  1. Add Color to the Room

Smart lighting is a perfect way to make your gaming room bright, fun, and interesting. With Control4 lighting, you can press one button on a keypad and the room will change dramatically to a cozy lounge for playing video games. The lights will dim, but a few key areas will stay lit with bright blues, greens or any color you love.

Consider adding light behind the screens to add dimension to the room and accenting chairs or tables so you can see the drinks and food when you are snacking. We can even program the lights to flash when the delivery guy arrives at your front door. It will get your attention immediately when you’re in the middle of an intense game.

  1. Battle Other Players in Multi-screen Views

Games like Mario Kart or Fallout 4 are perfect for multi-screen mode. We can incorporate a video wall into your media room design so that each player’s view is displayed on a different TV. Video walls can also display one image on all of the screens at once for those times you are playing by yourself. Multiple TV screens give you the ability to configure the views in different ways, whether you are alone or battling four people.

  1. Experience Immersive Audio

Surround sound systems also make your gaming experience more intense and realistic. Games like Blizzard’s Overwatch are Dolby Atmos-compatible and work with 3D audio systems. If you enjoy watching movies in surround sound, we’re sure you’ll love playing games with it as well.

  1. Create a Pause Button

We know gaming sessions can get intense, but when you are ready to take a breather, use Control4 to quickly pause the action. Press “Pause” on your Control4 touchpad and the lights will turn on bright, the game will pause, and you can go refill that bowl of chips.

  1. Use Voice Control to Perform Quick Commands

Amazon’s voice control assistant, Alexa, can help you change the room or do other tasks with your voice. Say, “Alexa, order a pizza,” and you can get food delivered to your front door without stopping the game. You can also change the room temperature, turn certain lights on and off, adjust the volume, and much more. Hands-free automation is definitely the way to go when you’re about to beat your game and can’t be interrupted.

Want to enhance your gaming sessions with any of these features? We have even more suggestions on how to create the perfect environment in your Charlotte, North Carolina home. 

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