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A Day in the Life with Audio and Entertainment in Every Room

Explore How Whole-Home Audio Video Enhances Everyday Life

A Day in the Life with Audio and Entertainment in Every Room

It’s no surprise that music has proven positive effects on stress levels, moods, and well-being. We all recognize the blissful feeling we experience when music’s turned on at home, whether we’re grilling outdoors or playing a board game. But if your household is like most, you may only have one or two speakers in one room, likely the kitchen or living room. You may find yourself forgetting to turn it on, and weeks may go by before you use the speaker again.

But what if your entire home was equipped with speakers that synch together? As you walk from one room to another, your favorite album will follow you wherever you go. To envision what life is like with a multi-room home audio video system, continue reading below. You may realize that whole home AV is the upgrade that your Lake Norman, NC house needs.  


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Mornings with Music

Whether you’re an early bird or night owl, we all face resistance waking up from time to time. Inspire wakeful mornings with soft, folksy playlists emitted from your whole-home audio system, whether they’re in-wall speakers, floor-standing speakers, or smaller bookshelf models. From your control system app, you can schedule speakers to start playing music at a set time, so rather than endure an annoying alarm, you’ll be greeted by pleasant tunes.

As you shower, get dressed, and start cooking, your music or podcast will follow your footsteps throughout the house. Have you ever found yourself saying, “I have no time for podcasts” or “I haven’t had time to find new music”? With speakers in every room, your music discovery and podcast enjoyment will soundtrack your morning routine.

Afternoon Activities

Maybe you’re watching Friends while folding laundry or enjoying a new movie with your family. If you walk away from your media room, the audio can carry on with you when it’s synched to your multi-room audio/video system. You can still hear the dialogue as you fetch a drink from the kitchen or make popcorn. Similarly, with multiple screens connected to your smart system, you can catch the same film or show in another room. This is especially convenient when hosting a viewing party. There’s no need to cram everyone into the same place—guests can mill about the house, still catching the show on multiple screens.

Evening Celebrations

It’s Friday evening, and your guests are arriving shortly for a wine night, book club, game night, birthday, or holiday get-together. As you assemble the appetizers, are you growing nervous that the party will be awkward or no fun? With whole-home audio, there’s no need to worry. In every room guests roam—even outdoors—they’ll enjoy mood-enhancing music that you can select and adjust right from your smartphone. Dial down the house’s volume to announce cake is ready, or switch to another playlist with ease. Hosting a happy crowd has never been so effortless.

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