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Add Value to Your Interior Design Projects

Motorized Blinds and Shades Allow for Complete Customization

Add Value to Your Interior Design Projects

A home’s layout can be as unique as its homeowner’s preferences and needs. As such, your interior design projects should not only be an accurate reflection of what that homeowner wants, but also meet the specifications and aesthetic of the home. Motorized blinds and shades can be customized to fit any space and look, resulting in added value to your interior design project in the Charlotte, NC area.

In this blog, we will look at a few of the unique customization options available with motorized blinds and shades, and how they add value to your interior design projects.


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Select from a variety of colors, styles and fabrics that fit the look and feel of the space you’re designing for. Lutron, one of our trusted brand partners, offers various fabrics for motorized window shades that range in opacity, color, pattern and material. This means that you can customize not only the visual element, but also the way those shades or blinds interact with the natural sunlight to affect the look of the room.

Ranges in opacity and openness allow for more light to be let in, affecting glare, brightness and energy-usage. Solar screen treatments can be selected in different variations of openness, meaning more or less light can be let in. This can protect furniture and pictures from being damaged by the sunlight, reduce energy-usage and prevent the room from getting too bright from the sun’s rays.

Opacity in other shades allows for a range of light-filtering. Sheer options allow the homeowner to see outside and let some light in, whereas blackout shades will keep the room dark and cool. The variety of options regarding opacity and openness makes for a truly customized space depending on their needs and preferences.

You can think of the window shades’ material as an opportunity to set the tone for the room or space. The color, fabric, and amount of light it lets in can transform a room.



Motorized blinds and shades can be customized to fit any client’s home. As mentioned above, you can select from a range of material, but you can also adjust the cut to be a particular size or shape. For clients with unique window dimensions, you can customize the cut to fit the frame properly without sacrificing style.

Incorporating motorized window treatments provides many benefits regarding both style and function and can be made unique to the home. This customization along with other benefits add value to your interior design projects, making them more desirable to clients.


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