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Control4 Allows Families to Live Smarter

The Integrated Home Offers New Smart Home Automation Products

Control4 Allows Families to Live Smarter

Control4 has been one of our longstanding partners, offering reliable and simple controls to families and individuals who seek high-quality technology. With mobile apps and smart home trends on the rise, Control4 has made some improvements to their systems and also added new products and features to their solutions.

The Integrated Home is excited to announce and explain some of this new technology to you. If you already have a Control4 system in your Charlotte, NC home and want to add some of these new features, or you have been waiting for the right system to come along to get you jump started, you should read on. Here’s a few of the latest innovations from this premier company.

OS 2.7 Software & Climate Control Features

Control4 has designed an elegant new user interface that provides easy and interactive climate control in the home or from miles away. Their “Comfort Control Experience” gives you quick access to all your thermostats’ functions and presets. The presets allow you to save all of your HVAC settings and recall them with one touch, or simply have them take effect automatically on a schedule or when a designated event occurs.

The climate comfort experience is designed to work with leading HVAC systems and includes control of temperature, heat/cool set-points, thermostat mode, fan speed, and humidity levels.

Control4 also now has their own battery-powered and wireless thermostat that has been designed in partnership with Aprilaire. It delivers a consistently comfortable home and features enhanced compatibility for use with more modern HVAC systems that have geothermal, dual fuel, and humidity control systems for increased flexibility and comfort. Additionally, the new wireless thermostat can be powered using AC power or batteries, allowing for maximum installation flexibility.

With Control4, your climate control system can also work seamlessly with the most popular brands on the market, like Nest, Heatmiser, Aprilaire, Cool Automation and Carrier.

Whole-Home HD Intercom

Whether you want to see who is at the front door, check in on your baby, or call everyone to the table for dinner, this new intercom system makes communication convenient with an incredibly fast connection speed and high-definition clarity. You also get to determine privacy settings by enabling this function to work at only certain times of day and specific rooms.

Don’t like the view of your cameras? Control4 can bring you alternate camera angles to give you the best view. Since this feature can connect with mobile apps for iOS and Android, you could talk to the mailman at the front door from your backyard. Or, if you are watching a game on the TV, the intercom system can pause your television viewing so you can respond.

All of this functionality is automatically enabled on every new Control4 Touch Screen.

Elegant High-Performance Touch Screens & Handheld System Remote

Control4 has designed bold, simple displays that can be controlled with the swipe of your finger. Place one of these new screens on your tabletop or put it in the wall. Pick a black style or white; either way you’ll complement the natural beauty of your home.

If you don’t want to let go of the remote control, we can give you a fancy one for your coffee table that accesses every control function in the house—including lights, video, audio, shades and more. New custom buttons can be programmed to any event or activity in the house. Control of your whole home will be in one convenient device.

If any of these new Control4 features excite you, contact us. We’d love to give you a demonstration of the products we offer and show you all the details.