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Dedicated Home Theater or Media Room? What’s Right for my Lake Norman Home?

Learn Your Options for Home Theater Systems

Dedicated Home Theater or Media Room? What’s Right for my Lake Norman Home?

There are many home theater systems on the market today, which can make it difficult to figure out which one is best. We’ve even written a blog all about your options and the premium brands we offer in the Lake Norman area.

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In this article we want to cover what type of space is best for your system. Your preferences and needs will determine if a multipurpose media room is better for you, or a dedicated home theater. Continue reading to discover all your options for home entertainment.

Multipurpose Media Rooms

A media room is a great option for families who want to include their home theater system in common areas. A lot of interior designers today are using an open concept in homes so that rooms aren’t divided, which can make the home seem smaller and more confined. Open areas give parents the ability to watch their kids as they cook or clean since they can glance from the stove to the living room. Open concepts are also beneficial for entertaining. You could be preparing drinks in the kitchen and still have a conversation with your company in the dining room or media room. People can also flow from one space to another easily, and all of your décor pieces can be coherent. A media room comes into play by allowing your friends and family to enjoy a variety of activities at any moment. For example, we could hide a TV behind a piece of art or in a mirror so that a living room turns into a home theater instantly with the press of a button. You can have a cocktail party one moment or simply read a book, and then get ready to watch a movie or play a video game the next. Media rooms are both practical and pleasing to look at. One important factor to note is that the quality of your home theater system will not be compromised when we install it in an open area. We can install speakers in the ceiling and in the walls in front of you and back to create the surround sound effect. We also have special projectors and screens that display defined, vivid images even in bright light. The black diamond screen by Screen Innovations can be enjoyed in broad daylight. Be rest assured you’ll get both quality and beauty in your media room.

Dedicated Home Theaters

While media rooms give you the benefit of being able to transform the space into anything for many different activities, dedicated theaters are for the sole purpose of watching a show. The advantage of dedicating an entire separate room for watching movies and TV is that you can tailor every piece of technology, furniture and décor to enhance your experience. For example, a theater seat has been designed to not only make you feel comfortable but also make sure you can see the screen the best way and hear the sound optimally too. Some types of chairs and couches actually hinder the sound in a theater and create glare on the screen because of the type of material. A commercial-grade chair will also allow you to recline and place a nice drink on your arm. A dedicated room can also house more speakers. In an open media room you are limited to where you install in-wall speakers. However, in a dedicated room you can install as many as you want and include them on all sides of the room. You can also add acoustic panels, specialty carpet and other features without disrupting the interior design. There’s also the potential to pick a fun theme and go crazy with the construction of the room. You could create a home theater that looks like the interior of a spaceship, Superman’s fortress of solitude, or Margaritatville.  

Whichever type of room you choose, The Integrated Home guarantees the system will look and sound perfect. Contact us today to start planning your custom home theater.

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