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Ensure Your Home Stays Well-Protected During the Holidays

A Security Monitoring Service Keeps You in the Know

Ensure Your Home Stays Well-Protected During the Holidays

With the holidays quickly approaching, you’re more than likely going to be spending the next couple months reuniting with friends and family across town or across the country.

This means leaving your home empty for extended periods of time.  Don’t let your property’s protection be all you worry about while you get ready to visit with loved ones!  A security monitoring service can give you needed peace of mind over your Charlotte, NC house’s status at all times – and especially during this busy time of year.

Keep reading to learn more about this smart security solution and its many benefits for your living space during every season.



Surveillance & Smart Locks

There’s no better way to check in on your home than with real-time surveillance camera footage.  While you’re waiting for a holiday meal to be prepared or as everyone is relaxing, you can quickly and easily check in on your smartphone or tablet to see how your house is doing.

Using your advanced surveillance system, you can operate every camera on your property with ease.  Some cameras can even zoom in, pan, and tilt, so you can see every corner of your home.  You can watch these videos live or save them for later onto your phone.

If you have a neighbor coming over to feed your pets or to water your plants, you can view your front door camera’s view and double check who’s there.  Then you can control your smart locks to either open for them or give them a code that works as well.

Instant Notifications & Remote Access

Your monitoring service lets you know when an incident occurs at your home the moment it happens.  With instant notifications, your security system can immediately alert you if a break-in occurs and your alarms are going off.

Even if it’s a less severe situation, you can receive alerts when your installed motion detectors sense motion near and on your property.  Plus, your surveillance cameras can also ping you when any movement is captured on video.  You can instantly check in on what’s happening, and decide where to take it from there – or have your system automatically call the authorities.

Remotely access every aspect of your smart security system – from your surveillance cameras to your smart locks and alarms.  Everything is available right on your smart device of choice, whether it be your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

The control is all in your hands.  A monitoring service gives you the freedom to be fully present at your family gatherings and holiday parties.  Never stress about your home’s safety during this festive and joyous time again.

Want to learn more about bringing a security monitoring service and smart security system to your space?  Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team.  We’d love to hear from you.