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How to Pair up a Projector and Screen for Your Home Theater

Pick the Right Combo for Your Dedicated Theater or Media Room

How to Pair up a Projector and Screen for Your Home Theater

The relationship between the projector and a screen in a home theater is important. You need just the right match up to get the best picture. Unlike a TV that you can simply hang on the wall, this home theater system setup requires more attention to detail, but the results will be well worth it. You can enjoy a large image and crystal clear picture quality in your Charlotte, NC home. Stick around to get the full scoop on our blog.

Dedicated Theaters

If your system is going to be installed in a closed room, like a basement or extra bedroom, then you don’t have to worry about where the projector is going to be positioned or light affecting the image on screen (unless there are tons of windows in the room). Dedicating a room to enjoying entertainment gives you more control over the environment so the setup is more straightforward. Our team will install the projector at the back of the room and position the screen across from it according to the size of the room and the technical specifications.


Sony 4K Home Cinema Projector: Sony offers a number of great 4K projectors for the home that include native 4K quality, high lumens count for brightness, and detailed high-dynamic range.

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SI: Screen Innovations Gamma White Fixed Screen: This model is ideal for dedicated theaters where an abundance of ambient light isn’t a problem. The screen material provides a bright and extremely color accurate image. Choose a Zero Edge Frame or LED backlighting for extra style in your private cinema.

Media Rooms


Media rooms are multi-purpose environments that typically have a lot of light and foot traffic. Someone may be preparing a meal in the kitchen while you are watching TV while the rest of the family is checking their phones on the couch or surfing the Internet. Media rooms can be oddly structured. If it’s an open environment without a back wall, we won’t be able to install a projector at the back of the room. Here is what we suggest.


Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector: Short throw projectors are becoming more common and since dedicated rooms for movie-watching aren’t requested as much as they used to be. They sit directly in front of the screen and project the image up onto it. So you could set the projector on a coffee table or other compartment towards the screen and not have to worry about where it’s installed.  Another benefit is that they are mobile, so you can move it to another room if you want to.

SI Black Diamond Screen: Your living room doesn’t have to be completely dark to watch a movie. With the black diamond screen, you can leave all the lights on and still not see any glare. The special material preserves the colors being produced by the projector because it rejects ambient light from the room.

Whether you want a dedicated theater or media room, we will help you choose the very best projector and screen for your home theater system. Contact us by filling out our online form.

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