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Protect Your Pets with Surveillance Cameras

Take Care of Your Pets with Smart Security

Protect Your Pets with Surveillance Cameras

Did you know that more than half the population in America owns a pet? According to the Humane Society, 66.5 million American households have a pet with about 65% of them considering it a member of their family. Whether you have a dog, cat, bird, or turtle in your Charlotte household, we know pets are important to you. Smart home automation can be a convenient tool to care for your animals. Here are some ideas on how to use surveillance cameras to watch over them at all times. 

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Skip the Kennel

There are some benefits to leaving your pet at a boarding kennel while you are on vacation, but there are some negatives too. Firstly, some places require that your dog or cat is spayed and you’ll also run the risk of your pet getting depressed and anxious being away from their usual environment. 

Use surveillance cameras to watch them instead, and smart locks to let in pet sitters. You can give your dog or cat watcher a temporary code so they can come inside and walk the dog or feed the cat. Another benefit of having a smart security and surveillance system is that you can know when a door is left unlocked or if an emergency occurs. Since you can lock doors remotely with your smartphone and check in on your pets using live video feeds, there’s no reason you have to send them to the kennel. 

Catch Funny Moments with Recorded Video Footage

Ever wonder what your pet does while you are gone? You can find out using security cameras. When you return home, open the Control4 app and browse through the day’s recorded video clips to see what your pet did. While they most likely didn’t host a big block party like the animals did in the movie Pets, you may find some interesting shots that you can share with friends and family. If you discover your dog, cat or bird got into something they shouldn’t have you’ll be aware of the issue as well and can make changes.

Consider Their Comfort

We know you want to save money and energy with a smart thermostat and lighting and shading control, but you can also take your pet’s comfort into account with sensors that detect the temperature in specific locations in your home. A sensor near your dog’s bed can let you know if the room is too hot or cold, and then you can change the temperature with your smartphone while you’re at work or on holiday. Using the Control4 smart thermostat you can adjust the fan settings too. 

To customize your home to accommodate your pets, contact us by filling out an online form.