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Technology with Style: Products You Need to Know About

Home Theater Design Tips for Interior Designers

Technology with Style: Products You Need to Know About

For the interior designer working with homeowners working on a home theater design, you may face some challenges. How can you make a theater stick to your design vision while giving the homeowners what they want?

When designing for a Charlotte, NC area home, consider some of the advanced technology available that will achieve both your client’s vision and yours.

In this blog, we will look at a common challenge that occurs when interior designers are working on a home theater design and our recommendations for how to resolve it.

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The Challenge:

Oftentimes, the homeowners may have a lot of ideas for products they want to add into their home theater. This is understandable, as a lot of exciting theater technology is available, and it’s tempting to want to incorporate all of it.

However, the challenge is that this technology can mean large screens, bulky speakers, and more — which may not look all that appealing when installed, and also may take up space thus creating a cluttered environment.

So how do you deliver their desired technology while making the space look sleek, stylish and beautiful?

The Solution:

As we mentioned above, a lot of advancements are being made in smart technology products. This means that many products are available in hidden or subtle styles. Let’s look at a few:

Hidden Speakers

In-ceiling and in-wall speakers are great for delivering high-quality sound without taking up precious space or creating distracting visual elements in the room.

These intentionally-designed speakers sit within the interior of the walls or ceiling and sit flush with the surrounding material.

Not only do these save space, but they avoid the issue of strategic speaker placement. With standing speakers, you have to carefully arrange them so that the sound navigates the room properly without being disrupted by any other objects. Hidden speakers are both a technical and stylistic solution.

If the homeowner doesn’t want to go this route, you can utilize sound bars in their home theater design. They are portable, subtle and sleek, and still provide extraordinary sound for a great cinematic experience.

In-Wall Touchpads

Incorporate in-wall touchpads for the homeowner to control all of their settings. Eliminate the issue of having several remotes, apps, or manually adjusting settings on the equipment itself. With an in-wall touchpad, the homeowner doesn’t have to keep track of it (it’s always situated in the same place in the wall), it’s sleek and subtle, and it provides complete control of their system from one location.

These are just a few of our recommendations for a home theater design. We have plenty of solutions so that your client can have all their preferred technology and make it look good.

Ready to learn more about home theater design solutions for interior designers? Reach out to us online or give us a call at (704) 412-4040.