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Tips for Entertaining with Outdoor Audio Video in Charlotte

Use These Smart Home Technologies to Enjoy the Outdoors

Tips for Entertaining with Outdoor Audio Video in Charlotte

Chances are you may have already seen school supplies in the aisles at the store. But don’t worry, there’s still plenty of summer left to enjoy before the fall hits. And an added benefit of living in Charlotte, North Carolina is that the weather never gets too cold, and you can enjoy your backyard all-year round. In this blog, we have some tips on how to entertain friends and family outside with outdoor audio video. Keep reading to start getting ready for your next fun gathering. 

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Pool Controls

First off, there’s nothing more fun than jumping into a cool pool on a hot summer day. And taking a midnight swim is equally fun when you’re with friends. We can integrate your pool and hot tub controls into your smart home so that you can adjust the settings with a mobile device. Change the temperature of the pool to make it cooler when it’s sweltering outside, and give your guests a convenient remote to change the hot tub settings so they can enjoy the jets and soothing hot water. If you do decide to take a swim in the evening, automated lighting will brighten your activity. Turn on lights inside and outside the pool to stay safe and get those laps in. We can tie in sensors so your pool area automatically illuminates when someone walks up to it too. Easy and convenient controls will certainly enhance your summer plans and get-togethers.

Movie Nights Under the Stars

Take advantage of the summer nights by enjoying a movie under the stars. We can set up an outdoor projector and screen, or install a flat-screen TV on your patio so you can watch your favorite movies and gaze at the sky at the same time. Our outdoor TVs prevent glare with special technology, and also resist water and extreme temperatures. So you can rest knowing they won’t get damaged by the elements and your investment is protected. Whether you simply want to be able to watch a baseball game on the patio by the pool, or if you want a large screen for big events, we can install a solution that matches your unique needs.

Dance or Relax to Your Favorite Tunes

It definitely takes a professional AV installer and a high-quality audio system to truly make your backyard sound beautiful. We’ll create plans to lay out the speakers and subwoofers in exact locations so you can hear the sound full and loud no matter where you are standing outside – or swimming in the pool for that matter. Our team can even install speakers in the water so you can hear the music as you do the butterfly. We can also hide your speakers in the foliage and pick colors that blend in with the surroundings so you won’t even notice the equipment amidst your outdoor haven. Your music system will be integrated into your smart home so you have complete access to your entire music library, radio stations, and streaming platforms. Anyone will be able to easily change the tune, adjust the TV, or increase the jet power in the hot tub with the same app on a mobile device.

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