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Tips for Installing Audio in a Home Music Studio

How to Customize an Audiophile’s Studio with Automation & Acoustics

Tips for Installing Audio in a Home Music Studio

We have talked a lot about how to provide whole house audio for music lovers, but what about those who produce and write music? Musicians and music producers need top-of-the-line whole house audio products in their studios to create the very best sound. A private space dedicated to creating music needs more than a whole house music system; it also need special acoustic treatments and customized stations for the instruments.

This blog is specifically for professionals in the music business as well as the aspiring artists who need a good start. Whether you want to make music your career or just want a special place to have a jam session with friends, we can help!

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Plan Your Project

Is this space going to be used for practicing performances or recording? Your choice will have a direct impact on the design of your home music studio. The location of the space will also be a factor since the noise isolation requirements will differ. It’s crucial to pick a place that will not make unreasonable demands of the space, like choosing an empty room next to a nursery or your master bedroom where someone might be sleeping. Though improvements can be made, the further away from these types of areas your studio is the less you will have to alter it to cancel out noise.

Reducing outside noises, like landscapers mowing outside, crying babies and barking dogs is a top priority—especially for those who want to record music. Choose a room inside on the first floor or in the basement with few windows. The goal of a space designed for recording music is all about not letting outside noises in, whereas a practice studio is more focused on not letting the noise out into other spaces to avoid disturbing others.

Consider Different Types of Acoustic Treatments to Help House Your Sound

There are a number of ways The Integrated Home can assist with your home sound studio.

  • Install Motorized Draperies: Covering any windows with drapes will help cushion the sound in your space. They will help minimize reflections and increase absorption too. Add automation into the mix and you will be able to easily control any window whether it is up high, on the ceiling, or just average level.
  • Hang Acoustic Panels: For rooms that have a lot of hard surfaces, we recommend hanging acoustic panels to help absorb the sound. Rugs, draperies, and couches all help diffuse the sound, but acoustic panels have been specifically designed to improve the acoustics in a room like a recording studio. They control reverberation and reduce ambient noise.
  • Add Insulation: Acoustic panels help improve the way music sounds in the room, whereas insulation and other treatments help keep the sound from leaking out to other rooms and to your neighbors. Adding insulation in the walls and installing a soundproof door will both help to keep the loud noises from your practice sessions from disturbing others.

Add Automation to Show off Your Space

Besides focusing on how the music behaves in the room, The Integrated Home can help design your studio with style and convenience in mind. Automation will give you easy-to-use controls to start and stop and recording sessions, adjust the volume on your speakers, and open the drapes when you want to let some sunlight in.

We can even help you get creative on the way you display your guitars or other instruments. Add motorized lifts to open and close spaces or rotate awards. If you have a special idea in mind, share it with us and we can make it happen!

To design and install a special music studio in your own Charlotte home, contact us online. We will set up a meeting with you and go over all of your audio needs.