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Two Ways Lighting Control Helps Out During the Holidays

Add Convenience and Security to Your Charlotte, NC Home

Two Ways Lighting Control Helps Out During the Holidays

Can you control your lights with your phone? Does your house automatically turn off lights when no one is in the room? Our home lighting control systems help Charlotte families in two major ways: convenience and security. This comes in handy during the holidays as you cook big meals, host family and friends, and monitor the kids. Read on to learn more!

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Lighting Control is Convenient for Everyone

Imagine groups of family members coming up your driveway for Thanksgiving dinner. Instead of taking the time to turn all the outdoor lighting on, your smart home does it for you. As cars pull up to the house, sensors detect their presence and illuminate the driveway. Pathlights help your guests walk up to the front door and walk inside. You won’t even have to take your eyes off the turkey roasting in the oven.

Later, when it’s time to eat, dimmers help create a warm, welcoming environment by lowering lighting levels. Then when the football game starts, the lights become bright again so everyone can snack, talk, and have fun together.

If you feel anything is off at any moment, you can pull out your smartphone and make adjustments. As soon as everyone says goodbye, your house goes into a more relaxed mode to get everyone ready for bed. Lights begin to turn off but a few outdoor ones remain on along with the holiday displays. As soon as you are tucked in bed, you press one button on your phone and the house goes dark.

Home Lighting Control Adds Extra Security to Your Property

Of course, with all the additional foot traffic around your home, you also need to keep your spaces safe. Smart lighting can help with that too. Whether you want to design your system with motion sensors that will flood your outdoor spaces with light when someone approaches your yard, or integrate it with other smart devices for additional safety, lighting control makes it possible.

When no one is home, your property will never look empty. An away setting can turn the lights on and off at varying times to make it appear you are still there. Since you can sync up your lighting and security system, every piece can work together to keep your home safe at all times.

Home lighting control help simplify your holiday season in so many ways. Contact The Integrated Home for more information!