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What Sets Lutron Motorized Shades Apart?

Install Lutron Shade Control in Your Charlotte Home for These Award-winning Features

What Sets Lutron Motorized Shades Apart?

Installing motorized shades in your Charlotte, North Carolina home has many benefits, like saving energy, time and money. Yet, there are many other great features of automated shades you may not know about. Lutron’s award-winning line of smart shades stand out from the rest for four key reasons. Continue reading to find out why we install Lutron shades in Charlotte homes.


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A Top Brand You Can Trust
Lutron has been one of our top, trusted partners for years. This company has a long history of providing the very best lighting and shading control systems to families around the world. Since 1950, Lutron has expanded to become the leading lighting and shading company in the entire world – from installing lights in the White House to the New York Times building. Other companies have come and gone, but Lutron has successfully climbed to the top, developing new and innovative products for the smart home. We know you can count on these shades to perform perfectly and last years.

Quiet Motor Technology
Lutron shades have a proprietary motor technology that allows them to operate smoothly and quietly. In the past, these motors were disturbing, but years of innovation have improved them so you don’t hear a sound as they move up and down. Even if you have dozens of windows in your home, and they all operate at the same time, you will barely hear them. That’s the advantage Lutron’s technology has over its competitors.

Precise Operation
It can be frustrating when light still comes through your shades or drapes, which is why you need to invest in a quality system. Lutron is a world leader in precision-controlled motorized shades. Whether you want to protect your home décor from UV rays, feel cooler in the summer, or take a nap during the day, Lutron shades will prevent all light from leaking in. Lutron shades include quadrilateral frames and special tension technology to make sure they are seamless, and that the support cables are invisible. These shades also align precisely within 1/16” of each other for a balanced and clean look.

An Array of Options
When you work with The Integrated Home, you’re options for colors and patterns are never limited. Our team can help you pick out the type of shade, color and pattern to fit your home. We’ll fit the roller shade to your windows’ exact size and even let you choose the control type. Use a handy remote to bring the shades up or down, or open up the Lutron app on a mobile device. If you have a smart home system, Lutron shades can be easily integrated into your whole home operating system. We can even match the wall keypads to the color of your wall! We have different colors and styles. Either pick a simple keypad with up and down buttons or custom buttons that say “Good Night” or “Movie”.

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