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Why Builders Should Bring Home Automation Systems to Their Projects

Top Benefits of Installing Smart Technologies in New Constructions

Why Builders Should Bring Home Automation Systems to Their Projects

Smart home automation is not just a term for the future – it’s in the here and now. And often, homeowners like to add new innovations and technologies they hear about to their already-built houses.

But as a builder or architect, you know there is no doubt about it – it’s easier on everyone when a new home build has wired infrastructures and systems pre-installed during the construction process. And the same goes for a smart home automation system.

So why should you bring these smart systems to new Charlotte, NC constructions? In this blog, we’ll discuss why smart solutions can elevate a project in every way and how working with a professional smart home company can make all the difference. Keep reading below to learn more.


Get it Right the First Time

For everyone involved, making sure a home’s building process runs smoothly and ends with perfect results for the homebuyer is ideal. It’s more efficient to set up the proper wiring and cables at the beginning of a project, than deciding halfway through or at the end when the walls have all been put up.

It takes more time and costs more to tear down walls and install wiring in an existing home, so knowing ahead of a project and preparing the construction for a system means you won’t have to retrace your steps or have your homebuyers deal with expensive processes later down the road. Everyone saves money and preventable work.

Bring in Potential Buyers

Homebuyers looking for the latest technologies and innovative features in their potential new homes want to see pre-installed smart security technologies to give them peace of mind. Others want luxuries like motorized shades, smart thermostats, and lighting control. All of these whole home solutions can be brought into a house and installed by our team of professionals during the build. Smart features will make any property more appealing just by having them installed before home shoppers look or buy.

With smart home technology becoming more and more popular, you’ll find more homebuyers searching for new house builds with these solutions already integrated. With a smart home installer like The Integrated Home on your side, you can attract more buyers for all your projects. We make bringing a home automation system to any construction a breeze for you.

Ready for Upgrades Any Time

When you set up a home for integrated smart home automation, we ensure that the system can be built upon years and years later. This way, your homebuyers won’t have to worry that they’d have to break down their walls and get a new system installed just to get a new upgrade or the latest technologies available.

A scalable smart system gives them the freedom to keep their automated features to a minimum or expand any time they want to. Not only is this a great opportunity for them later on, but it also takes any possible stress off of buying a home with a pre-installed, smart automation system. They’ll know that they aren’t committed to keeping the system the way it is forever – or if they want to, they can.

Want to learn more about why having a home automation system in all your new builds and constructions is a must? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!