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Why Should Design-Build Firms Include Smart Security System Technology?

Why Should Design-Build Firms Include Smart Security System Technology?

As an architect or a builder, you are always designing homes to fit client demand – whether it’s for an entire development or a single-family property.

But how are you preparing your homes for technology – especially for home security?

In this post, we explore why your design-build firm in the Charlotte, North Carolina area should consider working with a custom integration expert to include smart security system technology in your projects.

Keep reading to below to find out more.

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Clients Are Demanding It

In January 2018, Coldwell Banker Real Estate released its Smart Home Marketplace Survey, which asked potential homebuyers about their preferences for connected technology.

The results were eye-opening.

More than 60 percent of the 3,000 respondents said they would prefer to have smart locks, security cameras, or carbon monoxide monitors already pre-installed in their new home. Another 75 percent said they would prefer to have a smart fire detector pre-installed, as well.

What does that mean for you as a home builder? The results show an increased demand for smart security systems with technology that keeps the end user safe from the moment they move into their home.

By partnering with your local security integration expert during the build process, you can feature custom security technology in your projects.

Before the drywall goes up, your security partner can place wires and cables throughout the property to ensure every camera or sensor can be installed easily.

You can then include these devices pre-installed with the help of your security partner or give homeowners the infrastructure to supply their own security devices.

It Can Keep Your Projects Secure

There is another significant benefit to pre-installing home security technology in your projects: you can keep the property safe during its most vulnerable time.

By working with a security expert to install surveillance technology long before you or the homeowner adds expensive furniture or other valuables, you can keep the property protected during the final stages of construction and the move-in process.

That way, your construction materials or your clients’ assets can remain secure from any potential burglars while the home remains vacant.

Even in the unlikely event that an intrusion occurs before your client moves in, you and your team will be alerted immediately to the break-in through push notifications on your mobile devices and can take proper action quickly.

We at The Integrated Home are proud to partner with design-build firms throughout the Charlotte area so we can incorporate smart technology and security in new homes and properties.

If you want to learn more about our smart security system services, we encourage you to reach out to us today by clicking the button below!

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