Explore CinemaTech’s Custom Theater Seating & Design Services Program  

CinemaTech is a renowned creator of home theater furniture and acoustic treatments. They offer German-built and American-built seating in both modern and retro styles, with customization options for any fabric you’d like. If you’re an interior designer with a dedicated home theater in your next project, CinemaTech’s award-winning seating is what you’ve been looking for. 

The Integrated Home is a CinemaTech dealer based in Charlotte, NC, that frequently partners with interior designers and builders. If you haven’t heard of CinemaTech’s Design Services Program, we share what makes it valuable to the modern designer below. 

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Design Service Program  

Getting Started 

CinemaTech’s design program will guide you through each aspect of creating home theaters, including seating design, viewing angles, and acoustics. You’ll start with a web-based meeting with CinemaTech’s team, and they’ll answer any questions you may have. 

How Long is the Program? 

Most theater projects take about two to three months from the first engagement questions to completion. But if your clients are fast to respond and make decisions, it could be finished in a shorter time. 

Design Consultation 

During this stage, you’ll discuss the vision for the home theater. What will the style be like? How will it be used? CinemaTech will ask what your client plans to watch in the theater, the desired guest capacity, and equipment and seating options. 

They then help you select materials for the seats and acoustic treatments. You’ll look through fabric samples either at a design center or through the mail. CinemaTech will create a 3D rendering based on your design ideas to see how it will look once completed. 

Concept Design Plan 

Next, CinemaTech offers preliminary design drawings with an AutoCAD concept design plan. The design incorporates seating layouts, sightline views, and dimensional room analysis for optimal acoustics. For an additional fee, theyprovide construction documents with detailed drawings. Now you’re ready for the installation, which a team like The Integrated Home in Charlotte can complete for you with hidden wires, high-end speakers, and more. 

Where to Find CinemaTech’s Theater Seating 

CinemaTech’s customized seating lets you create the theater of your clients’ dreams. But you can’t simply order their furniture online or find it at a local mall. CinemaTech sells their custom furniture attheir six showrooms (none on the East Coast) and through certified dealers. In North Carolina, The Integrated Home is your local CinemaTech dealer. 

Contact us here to learn more about CinemaTech theater seating and how we can help you build a personalized private cinema.