3 Things to Know Before Adding a Home Theater System

3 Things to Know Before Adding a Home Theater System

By bringing a home theater system to your Lake Norman, NC, living space, you’ll be taking your entire entertainment center to the next level. There’s nothing quite like watching media in an immersive environment that happens to be your own home.

But what should you know before taking on an installation like this either in a dedicated home cinema or media room? In this blog, we’ve compiled three tips as well as some items to consider.

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Customize Your Theater to Fit You

If you don’t like the idea of making a theater look exactly like your local cinema, don’t worry! You can create a home theater system in any shape or size.

Bringing one to your multi-purpose media room means you can decide what type of audio/video equipment blends in best and how hidden certain features stay. And if you install a system in a dedicated home theater, then you can choose from a wide range of personal design and equipment preferences.

Customize theater seating to match a theme or to go along with your favorite film franchise or series. You’ll find that there are endless fabrics, styles and designs to select: How you want your seating, what your speakers look like, and any other décor in the room can add significantly to its appearance and feel. And it’s all up to you – so you can work out what you’d like to see before the installation begins.

Movies Are Just the Beginning

When you think of a commercial theater, of course, you probably think of a place for movies and films. But with your own theater, you get to decide what you watch and how you use your system.

Connect your smart devices and streaming services to your system so you can enjoy various types of media platforms. Play video games with family and friends and have a larger-than-life experience on a 4K screen, with sound that envelops you from all sides.

The options are infinite. Catch up on your favorite TV shows on Netflix or Hulu, or even watch live TV coverage or the big game for a tailgate. Even if you want to use your system’s high-end speakers to listen to a new album and create a dedicated listening room, we can create a space with those capabilities, too.

Professionals Make the Installation a Breeze

Overall, a home theater system installation can seem somewhat overwhelming, even when you plan everything. We’re on your side: The Integrated Home’s team of professionals can eliminate your every worry.

We make sure to listen to all your needs, questions, and concerns and make the whole process easier for everyone involved. The end result is a system that only looks simple. We guarantee you’ll always have an integrated, yet user-friendly home theater experience – backed by our promise of ongoing support.

Want to find out more about bringing a home theater system to your living space and what you can do to get ready for the installation? Feel free to give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!

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