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Make Your Home Smart and Secure with a Control4 Installation Today

Many residents of Charlotte, NC have learned that installing a Control4 system simply makes your life better. And here at The Integrated Home, our years of experience have taught us that an intuitive home control system from Control4 can fit a variety of needs.

Want to create the ultimate entertainment space for family and friends? Done. Interested in a green home that reduces your carbon footprint? Got it. Focused on making sure your property is secure and your family is safe from harm? We’ll take care of that. No matter what your needs are, an automated Control4 system can be customized to suit your lifestyle.

Interested in knowing what makes a Control4 home so special? Read on to find out:


Home automation allows you to be able to monitor and manage multiple systems throughout your home, directly from your smartphone or tablet. Control4 allows you to access your home through one easy to use interface that is consistent whether on a phone, in-wall touch panel, or a laptop. With Control 4, your entire home functions together and is accessible from one location. Everyone in the family can turn on the AC, choose a playlist to stream music in any room, or set the home to “away” mode with just a simple press on a touch screen device.


One of the primary reasons many homeowners decide to add automation to their homes is the enhanced level of comfort that accompanies the upgrade. Remote controlled lighting and shading helps keep your home cool, regulating the amount of sunlight in any room. This not only reduces harsh glare, but helps keep your AC from working overtime. With smart features from Control 4, your entire home becomes a pillar of energy savings and convenience.

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Enhance Your Home Theater with a Control4 System Installation

Many homeowners in North Carolina come into the world of smart automation because they want a top-of-the-line dedicated home theater. But while you might have the stunning new Sony 4K projector and the latest Dolby Atmos surround sound system from Integra and Monitor Audio, you still may not be getting the best entertainment experience. 

We highly recommend a Control4 system installation to make accessing your entertainment and controlling your space simple and convenient. With Control4, you have unprecedented access to all of the features that can make your home theater experience unforgettable. Read on to find out how The Integrated Home can enhance your entertainment space.

Set the Scene for Movie Night

Picture this: you settle down in your home theater ready to watch your favorite movie. Now all you need to do is dim the lights, lower the screen and projector, raise the volume on your surround sound system and start the movie. Now imagine that you can do all of this with the touch of a single button, so all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite flick. A Control4 system installation makes this possible by giving you the ability to save specific settings for future use. For example, program the lights to dim to a low level, set the volume to level 10, and the shades to lower. Once you create the scene, you can use it again and again using a mobile device like a phone or tablet. In just one touch, you’re ready for the perfect movie night.

Go all the Way with 4K Ultra HD

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