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4 Ways A Home Golf Simulator Will Help Lower Your Handicap

4 Ways A Home Golf Simulator Will Help Lower Your Handicap

There’s nothing like a beautiful day on the green with friends, but in sweltering summer heat or under stormy weather, your golf plans may get put on hold. But practice makes perfect, and to get in the most time on your swing, a home golf simulator is an excellent option to lower that handicap. Like a bowling alley for golfers, a home golf simulator lets you work on your game offseason in private or over drinks with friends and family.

If you’re curious about adding a golf simulator to your Charlotte, NC home, continue reading below to discover four ways it will perfect your swing.

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  1. Use Your Own Equipment

Unlike other indoor sports videogames, a golf simulator allows you to use your real clubs and balls. With lifelike image quality on the screen that reacts instantly to your motions, it will give you a better feel for how your gear operates at different approaches. Since you’re using your own club, you won’t feel any difference between the mat and the real course.   

  1. Instructional Aid

Many professional golf simulators include an educational component that will track your club head’s movement as it approaches the ball. The information will provide an analysis of your swing and suggest methods to improve. Common statistics include swing tempo, club head speed at impact, face angle, path, ball speed and launch angle. It’s like having your own golf coach right at home! 

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