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Whole House Audio – the Gateway to a Smart Home


See How Whole Home Audio Can Differentiate Your Design/Build Projects

As design professionals and builders, you’re always looking for ways to differentiate your work. Whether it’s a custom design flourish, a style in which you specialize, or the use of materials and construction techniques, you look to set yourself apart.

Prospective homebuyers and remodelers are highly interested in smart home technology. Yet, many of them may not know about all the potential a smart home system can offer in their home. One way to get people excited about it is with whole-house audio. Everyone can appreciate the luxury of listening to music all over the house – even outdoors – with consummate ease, without needing an audio system in every room. The beauty of it is that with systems like Control4, whole-house audio is just the "killer app" that pushes people to take the plunge– but they get much more with the rest of the solution. Read on to learn how whole house audio is the gateway for integrating smart home features to make your Charlotte, NC projects stand out from the pack.

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Got Power? AudioControl High-Performance Audio Amplifiers Do


AudioControl Amplifiers Deliver Effortless, Efficient Power for Any Audio Setup

If you are into the elevated sound quality of high-performance audio equipment, you likely know about the importance of high-quality amplification. In order to deliver detail, impact, and dynamic range, the best speakers need copious amounts of clean power. They say that power corrupts, but when it comes to audio, insufficient power is a greater problem, resulting in disappointing performance and even damaged speakers in extreme cases.

When it comes to power amplifiers, there are many choices from both well-known brands and lesser-known companies. One company that flies a bit under the radar is AudioControl. This Seattle-based company of audio enthusiasts and engineers has been making high-end components for four decades, putting most of their investment in building great products rather than marketing.

Keep reading to learn more about AudioControl high-performance amplifiers for home theater or multizone audio in your Charlotte, NC home.

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How to Design a Whole House Audio System to be Heard and Not Seen


James Small Aperture Architectural Speakers Deliver a New Level of Sound Quality

As designers and architects, you are acutely aware of how home technology can impact aesthetics. Your clients want the latest smart home features and audio and video systems, but they want them to discreetly integrate into the overall design and décor of the home. 

For years, architectural speakers filled the need for homeowners that preferred their sound heard but not seen. But more discerning homeowners and designers often yearned for an even more integrated look with high-end audio performance. James Loudspeaker is an architectural speaker company that saw the need and developed a new series of speakers with unprecedented design integration and sound quality – the Small Aperture Series.

Read on below to learn more about the Small Aperture line and how you can integrate whole-house audio for your Charlotte, NC projects that dovetail neatly into your designs.

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AudioControl: Improve Your High-Performance Audio at Home


Turn your living room into a concert hall with robust, multi-zone amplifiers from AudioControl

AudioControl has spent 40 years “making good sound great” with their line of high-end preamplifiers, amplifiers, and home theater receivers. All their products are designed and assembled at U.S. factories in the Pacific Northwest. Their passion is delivering stunning, high-performance audio that makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the action.

Choosing the right amplifier is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make when you’re designing a whole-home audio system. For a high-fidelity listening experience in every room of your Charlotte, NC home, we recommend investing in a high-power amplifier from AudioControl. Keep reading to learn why.

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Want Music Playing Throughout Your Whole Property?

Want Music Playing Throughout Your Whole Property?

Imagine pressing a button, and your favorite tunes start playing in any room of your home. A whole-home audio system can bring that luxury to your Lake Norman, NC, living space. But how can you best optimize this audio solution? There are a variety of installations and setups needed that will elevate your home audio and make it easy to listen to your music in any area of your property.

In this blog, we’ll also dive into the basics of multi-room audio, and how the system can take any occasion or event to the next level. Learn how to maximize your media play and enjoy your premium sound in any part of your home.


Perfect Your Speaker Placement and Setup

The ultimate home audio distribution involves both optimal equipment and placement. This process requires strategizing where you prefer to add speakers and then deciding how visible you want them to be throughout your house. You can choose from several options that can accommodate different parts of your home.

Well-designed standing loudspeakers enhance any media room or dedicated home cinema in which you want to show off your speakers. More importantly, they deliver exceptional sound and envelop you in their high-end performance completely – whether you’re listening to a melodic album or watching a suspenseful movie. For example, Meridian’s DSP8000.2 adds elegance and brings a theatrical vibe to any space.

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