Designed to Disappear: Concealed Motorized Window Treatments


The Ultimate Confluence of Design and Technology

You and your North Carolina clients understand the luxury and convenience that motorized window treatments bring to a home. While today’s motorized options are anything but bulky, sometimes an even sleeker, more integrated look is called for. Maybe it’s for a picture window that reveals a spectacular view of Lake Norman, or an ultramodern wall of windows in a luxury Uptown Charlotte high-rise with an amazing city view. Regardless of the reason, there’s a way to maximize the window view.

Concealed motorized blinds, skylights, and curtain tracks from Blindspace enable you to make the most of every window, offering automated window treatments that virtually disappear into walls and ceilings. As a designer, you'll love the flexibility afforded by this solution to implement your and your clients' design vision without encumbrances. Read on below to learn more about hidden motorized window treatments. 

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Make Your Home’s Security Smarter with the ClareOne Wireless System


Seamlessly Merge Security with Automation for a Safer Home

With no shortage of home security options available today, you might be wondering what the best option is for your home and family. Both DIY and professionally installed solutions abound, but costs and capabilities can differ widely. What if a system offered professional installation and support along with supreme ease of use and compatibility with other smart home devices? Oh, and how about wireless installation to boot?

All those things and more are what the ClareOne Wireless system offers. Keep reading below to learn about the best features of ClareOne and how it brings a higher level of smart home security to your Charlotte, NC home. 

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Get Help with Your Lighting Design from Circa and The Integrated Home


Assemble Impressive Lighting Packages for Clients with Selection, Integration, and Support

As a designer, you know how important illumination is to the spaces you bring to life. You also understand that there are almost limitless choices to make in lighting, from ambient to task to decorative and more. Not only that, but the technology component in lighting also adds another layer of complexity, making for more options. Add your client's desires and vision to the list, and we don't envy your challenges.

But The Integrated Home is here to help. For many years we have worked closely with architects and designers to bring the best in lighting control and automation to you and your client’s vision for illumination in your projects. And now, we’ve partnered with Circa Lighting – with a North Carolina showroom conveniently located right here in Charlotte – to help bring together the fixture choices, lighting design services, your sense of style, and the technology into one cohesive package that’s sure to please your clients. 

Keep reading below to see how together we can make every residential home design shine. 

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How Control4 Enables Smarter Home Security


Control4 and DSC Partner to Deliver Integrated, Intelligent Home Security

As a pioneer and leader in smart home automation since 2004, Control4 has earned a well-deserved reputation for working well with many home solutions. To date, the Control4 system can work with over 13,000 devices across a spectrum of home functions, including entertainment, lighting, climate control, and much more. 

To enable a higher level of home security, Control4 has partnered with Tyco Security Products' DSC, one of the leaders in both residential and commercial security. Keep reading below to learn how these two industry leaders created a superior smart home security solution for Charlotte, NC homes.

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Whole House Audio Made Easy with Control4 Sessions


Spouse and Child-Approved Whole Home Audio for the Family

Once upon a time, audio was fairly simple. You turned on the radio, tuned a station, and adjusted the volume. Or perhaps you put a record on the turntable, pressed a button, and the arm lowered to play the music. While those simple pleasures can still be had, it seems like the digital age has brought more complexity to the listening experience. Now, it’s Pandora or Tidal? TuneIn for radio? How do I get the speakers in the living room to play?

Granted, we have far more capable audio systems today. And if you have a Control4 whole-house audio setup, you have a world of sound at your beck and call. However, the trouble is that some whole-home sound systems can be a little complicated to use. We know of a few people who would rather listen on a Bluetooth speaker (gasp!) because the fancy whole-home system is just a bit too hard to fathom.

Control4, the smart home company, set out to change all that. With the latest Control4 OS 3, they reimagined how a whole-house audio system should operate – in other words, they designed it for actual humans! Read on to see just how easy a house-wide audio system in your Charlotte, NC abode can be with Contro4.

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