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Spouse and Child-Approved Whole Home Audio for the Family

Once upon a time, audio was fairly simple. You turned on the radio, tuned a station, and adjusted the volume. Or perhaps you put a record on the turntable, pressed a button, and the arm lowered to play the music. While those simple pleasures can still be had, it seems like the digital age has brought more complexity to the listening experience. Now, it’s Pandora or Tidal? TuneIn for radio? How do I get the speakers in the living room to play?

Granted, we have far more capable audio systems today. And if you have a Control4 whole-house audio setup, you have a world of sound at your beck and call. However, the trouble is that some whole-home sound systems can be a little complicated to use. We know of a few people who would rather listen on a Bluetooth speaker (gasp!) because the fancy whole-home system is just a bit too hard to fathom.

Control4, the smart home company, set out to change all that. With the latest Control4 OS 3, they reimagined how a whole-house audio system should operate – in other words, they designed it for actual humans! Read on to see just how easy a house-wide audio system in your Charlotte, NC abode can be with Contro4.

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Control4 Sessions

Control4 redesigned the media interface for whole-house audio to make it intuitive and natural to use. It starts with the home screen on the app. In the right corner, a house icon takes you to the media sessions that are active, or you can start one. There you will see the cover art, title information, and the music source that's playing, like Pandora. If you want to start music in a different room, like the kitchen, a trip to the room screen and tapping listen will show you your options. Simply select the source – you can go to Spotify this time. Choose an artist or playlist, hit play, and enjoy the music. Now, you can have what you want in the kitchen while someone else enjoys Pandora in the office.

A tap on the media sessions icon lets you see what’s playing in each area. On the screen, you’ll have overall volume control as well as individual control for each area. You can add a room to music that’s playing or turn it off altogether. If you get a phone call, you can mute the space you're in or the whole house if you need more quiet. If you have a favorite playlist or Pandora station, you can put it front and center on your room screen for one-tap access to start playing. What could be easier than that? Well, watching this video on Control4 media sessions is easier than explaining it!

And More

Ease of use is just the start with Control4 systems. Access popular streaming services like Spotify, Tidal, and Amazon Music. Control4 also has added support for high-resolution audio, so you can play from your high-quality library or stream MQA music. Aside from streaming, you can connect external sources – like your trusty turntable – and hear your vinyl all over the house. Plus, Control4 whole-house audio is built into the company's smart home controllers, so you not only get whole-home audio but sophisticated home automation in the bargain.  

Are you ready for simple yet sophisticated whole-house audio your whole family will love? Reach out to us by calling 704-412-4040, filling out an online form, or connecting with us instantly by clicking the chat window below. We look forward to working with you!   

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