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How Well Does Your Security System Perform?

Shot of the exterior of a home protected with a smart home security system.

Ensure the Safety of Your Family & Property with Zero Hassle

Your family’s 24/7 safety is the top priority for you above any and everything else - so when it comes to your home security system, you don’t want to take any risks or shortcuts. If your system isn’t up to par, you’ll find yourself worrying while you’re either home or away about the protection of your property. Set your mind at ease with a proper smart home security system and setup!

When it’s time for an upgrade, you don’t want to rely on DIY solutions or products off the shelf. Instead, work with The Integrated Home for an improved security setup from trusted brands like Snap One. Want to learn what’s new with this company and how you can bolster your Charlotte, NC, home’s security with our help? Keep reading below. 

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Introduction to Smart Security Systems: What You Need to Know

Think for a moment: What precautions are you currently taking to keep you and your family safe?

It’s an important question.

As a homeowner, you always want to you keep your property secure and your family protected. That way, you can enjoy peace of mind and ensure everyone’s safety.

What’s the best way you can achieve that? By investing in a smart security system for your Charlotte, NC property.

Below, we’ll explore the basics of smart home security.

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Lock the Door and Throw Away the Key with Smart Technology

Lock the Door and Throw Away the Key with Smart Technology

We’ve all been there—you leave a key under the door mat for a friend, babysitter, or relative who needs to visit while you’re away. But it seems too obvious right? If everyone left a key under the welcome mat for emergencies, it would just be too easy for a person to break in and steal your belongings. You could get creative hiding the key in plants or lawn decor, but leaving it out is still a risk. Smart locks not only eradicate this problem, but they also offer a lot of other practical benefits related to home security. Read this blog to learn more.

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How to Use Smart Locks

Most smart locks have a numerical keypad that enable you to unlock the door with a personalized code instead of a physical key. You can create a code for each member of your family, and even temporary codes for guests. The Integrated Home can even connect these smart locks to your control system, allowing your family to open and close doors at any time with mobile devices. For example, if your spouse forgets his or her code, you can simply open the door using your smart phone. Smart locks can also send you an alert if the door is ever left open, or when anyone comes inside your home. You can stay informed of when your kids come home from school and also if anyone leaves. If you have a full smart home automation system, these smart locks can connect to your Away and Welcome scenes. For example, press “Away” using the Control4 app on your smartphone and all the doors will lock, the security system will arm, the thermostat will adjust to an energy-saving level, and all the lights will turn off.

Connecting Your Gate or Garage

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