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Is Your Smart Home Up to Date?

Is Your Smart Home Up to Date?

Your smart home is meant to add the highest luxuries and comfort to your living space by automating some of your home’s menial tasks. Are you missing some vital technologies that can take your system from standard to exceptional?

In this blog, we’ll discuss the integrated features and solutions you can add to your daily life. Let’s look at our checklist we’ve put together – and how you can update your Charlotte, NC property by working with a trusted smart home company like our team of experts at The Integrated Home.

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Smart Home Lighting Throughout Your Property

You might have lighting fixtures in specific areas of your home or your main rooms – the bedroom, family room, and kitchen. But until you bring intelligent lighting to your entire property, your home won’t be entirely “smart.”

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How to Merge Interior Design with Smart Home Technology

How to Merge Interior Design with Smart Home Technology

As an interior designer, you’re probably ahead of the curve when it comes to trends in color, fabrics, and furniture arrangements. But what about smart home technology? Many designers avoid dipping their toes into integrated technology because it seems too complicated, unrelated to design, or frankly, not visually appealing. But adding smart systems to your design portfolio will give you a competitive advantage over other designers in your area. Plus, there are stylish new devices built to blend in with each room’s facade (more on that below).

You don’t need to be a technology expert to add home automation to your interior design process. By partnering with a smart home company, you’ll open yourself up to new possibilities that homeowners will love. Keep reading to discover how Charlotte, NC homes will benefit from approaching technology with style.

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Hidden Screens  

Most designers agree that it’s no longer ‘in’ to arrange a living room or media room around a screen. While we’re more connected than ever, there’s been a recent cultural shift in our approach to technology. Many are taking breaks from their screens in the name of wellness. While we still love our HD screens for shows and films, the presence of large displays does not feel like a relaxing escape from our plugged-in world.  

The solution? Hidden technology, with in-ceiling and in-floor TV mounts that raise and lower a high-definition flat screen at one press of a button. Screens can swivel too, so they can emerge and fit into any space without compromising the room design. Seura’s smart mirrors function as sleek mirrors that display smart home information like a futuristic magic mirror. By tapping on the screen or using voice commands, users can explore everything from the weather to music control on the glass. Equally magical are Seura’s mirror TVs. When the show is over, and the screen is turned off, your client’s TVs will turn into a fully functioning mirror!

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