4 Reasons Whole Home Audio Adds Value to Your Charlotte Home

4 Reasons Whole Home Audio Adds Value to Your Charlotte Home

How does your household currently listen to music? Maybe you use an Amazon speaker in the kitchen or connect your media to computer speakers. You may even be an audiophile with a dedicated listening room. But only through whole home audio can you tie music to every part of your day. 

In addition to improving your mood, a whole home audio system will enhance your Charlotte, NC house in more ways than one. Continue reading to see if multi-room audio is right for your family!

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1. Music in Every Room

Through either wired or wireless solutions, an audio professional can help you build a speaker system that syncs the same music in every room. Be entertained by your favorite playlists while cooking, taking a bath, or reading a book out in the sun. As you walk from room to room, audio will follow you so that you won’t miss a minute of your podcasts or the best part of your favorite song. Your speakers can connect to your TV, too, so you can still hear the movie’s dialogue while you grab another glass of wine.

2. Entertain for Parties

Your house will become the spot for events with high-quality audio pulsing in every room. With a control system like Control4, you can manage every speaker from the same app. Pause the music to call everyone to eat, or adjust the volume to each room in one tap. Perhaps you want to set the outdoor speakers a little louder for dancing but fix the kitchen to a softer level so guests can chat. Party-planning will be easier than ever!

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