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3 Ways a Control4 System Can Transform Your Charlotte, NC Home

It’s simple: a Control4 system is easy to use, fun for the whole family and practical in every situation. We’re frequently asked why we are a Control4 integrator and why it is our number-one smart home automation system of choice, so we’ve decided to provide our top three reasons of what makes Control4 so great for The Integrated Home and the families in Charlotte, North Carolina we serve every day. Here is our list, focusing on ways the Control4 system can enhance your home:

1.       Control4 Brings the Family Together

Control4 is known for simple, user-friendly interfaces. That means that your kids have command of the entertainment center when they get home from school. And your technology-phobic grandparents won’t have any trouble accessing the lighting controls in any room of the home. Gather the whole family in the home theater for an unforgettable movie night. Use a single device to dim the lights, raise the volume on the surround sound system, select and start the feature presentation. With Control4 integrated into your home, all the control is at the fingertips of your entire family.

2.       It’s a Scalable System

Smart automation is not a monolith – each component is capable of functioning on its own, as well as a with other subsystems. That means that you don’t have to start large to step into the world of integrated technology. Featuring both wired and wireless installation options, Contro4 is very scalable. Pick a room you want to invest in first, and then add on later. For example, craft the automated kitchen of your dreams. Let music from your Sonos system envelope you as you prepare an elegant meal for the family. Follow recipes as they appear on your smart television, unobtrusively installed behind a cabinet façade. Then call the family into the dining room via an HD intercom when it’s time to eat. Once you experience and understand the benefits of Control4 within your kitchen, you can easily expand the experience by installing more smart components throughout your home using your existing network infrastructure.

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