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Why Work with an Audio Video Installer Today?

A living space featuring audiovisual solutions.

Bring in the Professionals for Your Next AV Project & Upgrade

Upgrading audiovisual equipment and systems throughout your Charlotte, NC, home might seem overwhelming at first. And even more so if you’re bringing in an entirely new system! But when you team up with a professional in the industry, you can rest assured that your installation will run smoothly from start to finish.

Working with a professional audio-video installer like The Integrated Home can ensure that your AV project is implemented seamlessly. Want to learn what working with our team of experts entails? Keep reading.

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HTA Certification: The Mark of Quality for AV Installation Companies


Here’s Why You Should Trust Your Technology Integration Projects to HTA Certified Companies

As a designerbuilder, or architect, you want to work with other trained and certified professionals in their specialties or trades. When it comes to audio-video installers, you might be wondering: what is that certification? How do I know that this company has the skillset and resources to see the project to completion? As you know, partnering with the wrong company can lead to unhappy clients and problematic projects. 

Fortunately, there is a way to distinguish which audio-video companies have made the investments to stand out from the rest. HTA certification is a mark of quality that means you are working with a professional company that has met a high bar of standards. Let’s explore what HTA certification means and the benefits a certified partner – like The Integrated Home – brings to your Charlotte, NC, residential projects. 

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Protect Your Audio-Video Installation from Power Problems


SurgeX Power Management Solutions Keep Expensive Equipment Safe

If you live in North Carolina, you’ve likely experienced it. The brief summer thunderstorm with heavy lighting took out the power in your neighborhood. When it came back on, some of your electronics didn’t quite work anymore.

Of course, any good audio-video installer (like The Integrated Home) will always protect sensitive and costly equipment in a home theater or media room with a good power conditioning and surge protection system. Clean, stable power is essential for the proper operation of your equipment and to prevent damage from unexpected power surges.

Fortunately, today’s power protection solutions are more sophisticated than ever. The new SurgeX Squid system is one such solution, packing advanced power protection and analytics in a compact package that’s easy to install in your home theater, home office, or anywhere where you need to protect sensitive electronics. Keep reading to learn more about power management and protection solutions for your Charlotte home.

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New TVs & Projectors Seen at CEDIA Expo 2020


A Look at Sony, Samsung, and LG’s Latest Innovations

This year’s CEDIA Expo was held virtually, and while we would have loved to walk the floors to see the latest home technologies, we’re still excited about the new displays out this year. Sony, LG, and Samsung highlighted all-new TVs and projectors with innovative features to improve entertainment quality.

Read on to see what’s new from CEDIA and how an audio/video installer like The Integrated Home can bring that high-end magic to your Cornelius, NC home.

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3 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Audio/Video Installer

Maybe you are adept enough to hang a flat-screen TV on the wall, or set up some speakers in your living room for surround sound, but did you know there are a lot of perks to working with a local professional to install your AV (other than not having to do the work yourself)? Not only do we have exclusive technologies and luxury brands that you can’t find in a local store, but we also have decades of experience creating the very best media rooms and home theaters – suited for your exact needs and desires. From organizing all your content, simplifying controls, and streaming and controlling media to or from any location, The Integrated Home is your local audio video installer in Charlotte, NC who knows exactly how to create the best home entertainment setup. 

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1. Boost the Quality of Your AV

Here is a common occurrence: you buy a brand new flat-screen TV, you bring it home and discover the sound is never loud enough. The picture looks really nice, but you have to turn up the volume to the maximum level just to hear the movie. The truth is that the thinner TVs become, the worse the speakers perform. The average flat-screen TV has two speakers that are just barely larger than the size of a quarter. With speakers that size, you can't expect to hear anything at a proper level, not to mention you won’t feel immersed in the action like you want.

While adding a surround sound system is a great option, if you don't have the budget or space for a full 5.1.2 or 7.1.2 system, a high-quality soundbar will do the trick in the meantime. Add a soundbar by a quality manufacturer like Sonos and you can turn up the volume as loud as you like and will notice the difference in clarity. Give us a call and we can mount this beautiful soundbar in your living room. When you’re ready, we can add on to your system at any time – like upgrading your TV to 4K or installing a full Dolby Atmos surround sound system.

2. Easily Control Content in Every Room

One of the great features of having a smart AV system is easily switching content from room to room. For example, you’ll be able to start a movie in the living room, pause it, and then pick up exactly where you left off upstairs. Play a different channel in every room of your home – inside or outside – or the same program on all the screens. Control4 has various audio and high definition video distribution switches and controllers to scale to the size of your house. So it doesn’t matter if you have 15 TVs or three, we have the right equipment to meet your needs.

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Modern & Minimal: Hidden TVs and Projectors for Your Home


Elegantly Hide Technology When It’s Not in Use

There are many reasons to embrace hidden technology. Maybe your space is restricted in a historic Charlotte townhouse. Perhaps you’re proud of your interior design and don’t want a distracting black TV screen interrupting the aesthetic. Or maybe you have a transitional room—one moment, it’s a home theater and the next, it’s a hangout spot for drinks and conversations.

Future Automations’ hidden technology like TV lifts, automatic moving doors, and projector lifts make your devices blend into the walls and ceilings. Read on to learn how invisible tech works and how an audio/video installer can add style and luxury to your Charlotte, NC home.


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Top Audio Video Products from CEDIA 2016

Top Audio Video Products from CEDIA 2016

Our team of professional audio video installers look forward to attending CEDIA every year as we get to discover new and trending smart home products and systems, as well as connect with other expert in the field. This month the CEDIA 2016 conference showcased many new products ranging from new 4K TVs to convenient chargers for smart home touchscreens. In this blog, we’d like to share with you some of the top products nominated this year for the CEDIA Awards, which are manufacturers we carry and install in homes in the Lake Norman and Charlotte, North Carolina areas. Keep reading to learn more about these innovative solutions for your home theater and home audio. We’ll let you know on social media who the winner is!

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Screen Innovations Zero-G Rollable Screen

Our partner Screen Innovations has developed the first rollable TV, the Zero-G. When getting ready to watch a sports game or your favorite movie, the Zero-G drops out of a hanging case on the wall and expands to give you a levitating image suspended by cables. This revolutionary screen can be placed in front of bay windows, an art deco wall, or anywhere in the room. It gives you the flexibility to choose where you want the entertainment to be placed instead of conforming to the constraints of the room’s layout. Before, there were only a number of places you could hang a flat-screen TV, but now you have the freedom to put it anywhere in your home. SI even sends crayons along with the screen so you can color the cables to make the screen look as if it’s hanging in mid-air.

Seura Storm Ultra Bright 84” Outdoor TV

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