Top Audio Video Products from CEDIA 2016

Top Audio Video Products from CEDIA 2016

Our team of professional audio video installers look forward to attending CEDIA every year as we get to discover new and trending smart home products and systems, as well as connect with other expert in the field. This month the CEDIA 2016 conference showcased many new products ranging from new 4K TVs to convenient chargers for smart home touchscreens. In this blog, we’d like to share with you some of the top products nominated this year for the CEDIA Awards, which are manufacturers we carry and install in homes in the Lake Norman and Charlotte, North Carolina areas. Keep reading to learn more about these innovative solutions for your home theater and home audio. We’ll let you know on social media who the winner is!

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Screen Innovations Zero-G Rollable Screen

Our partner Screen Innovations has developed the first rollable TV, the Zero-G. When getting ready to watch a sports game or your favorite movie, the Zero-G drops out of a hanging case on the wall and expands to give you a levitating image suspended by cables. This revolutionary screen can be placed in front of bay windows, an art deco wall, or anywhere in the room. It gives you the flexibility to choose where you want the entertainment to be placed instead of conforming to the constraints of the room’s layout. Before, there were only a number of places you could hang a flat-screen TV, but now you have the freedom to put it anywhere in your home. SI even sends crayons along with the screen so you can color the cables to make the screen look as if it’s hanging in mid-air.

Seura Storm Ultra Bright 84” Outdoor TV

Only Seura TVs have a triple-lock seal to protect against the elements. Their ultra-bright technology allows you to enjoy a football game or movie anywhere outdoors – even in the brightest sun – with perfect clarity. The Seura 84” TV is perfect for bringing the family together to enjoy a movie outside. You’ll get to sit underneath the stars and watch a film without having to worry about the weather ruining your system. You can get your friends together for a pool party to catch the big game, or relax with your partner in the hot tub and put on a fun flick. Storm TVs even come in UHD now so you can watch content in the best picture quality available.

Sonos TruePlay and PLAY:5

Sonos has tackled the issue of each room sounding different with TruePlay, their tuning system that adjusts your wireless speakers to create the right acoustics according to your home’s unique environment. All you have to do is open your Sonos app, pick the room you want to tune, and hit “trueplay tuning”. TruePlay will then use the app and microphone on your iPhone or iPad to measure how the sound is reflecting off the walls, furniture, and other surfaces in the room. Then the system will make acoustic adjustments to your speakers to ensure you hear the best sound possible. Sonos is also nominated for their PLAY:5 speaker, which is best used in larger spaces. It has six custom drivers with dedicated amplifiers to produce clear, powerful sound in your home.

Sony Electronics 4K HDR Ultra HD TV& 4K SXRD Home Cinema Projector

Sony products are unparalleled in their quality and performance. They are currently the leader in projection technology. Their 4K SXRD Home Cinema Projector produces commercial-grade picture in your own house. With more than four-times the resolution of full HD, native 4K offers 8.8 million pixels to create a picture that is so realistic it looks like it’s jumping off the screen. This projector model has 5000 lumens for spectacular brightness, and uses a laser light so that it lasts longer. Since it comes with HDR technology, it delivers fine detail and high contrast. Whether you purchase the projector for your dedicated home theater, or the 4K TV for your media room, these pieces of technology are true marvels.

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