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What Builders Need To Know About Whole-House Audio Systems

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Make your next project stand out with a multi-room audio system

As a builder or architect, one of the most critical aspects of your role is to be on the cutting edge of trends and technology. This involves incorporating modern features that improve the functionality, aesthetics, and overall value of the homes you create. One such feature gaining immense popularity in the market today is the whole-house audio system. These systems offer homeowners the convenience of enjoying high-quality sound in every room, and as a professional in the trade, understanding them can provide a significant advantage.

Whole-house audio systems, sometimes called multi-room audio systems, allow homeowners in Charlotte, NC, and beyond to control the audio in every part of their home centrally. From playing relaxing music in the living room to an audiobook in the bedroom or podcast in the kitchen, these systems offer unparalleled convenience and a superior lifestyle experience.

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Product Spotlight: Monitor Audio


Bring These Innovative Speakers to Your Whole-House Audio System

At The Integrated Home, we work with a variety of innovative technologies to bring our customers the best in audio and video entertainment. That’s why we love working with Monitor Audio products when designing and installing whole-house audio systems.

Monitor Audio is a British company known for hi-fi loudspeaker designs, offering more than 40 years of stereo, surround sound, and architectural speakers to clients across the globe. The brand continually innovates the industry and is the world expert in metal dome driver development, whereas many other companies use plastic or paper because it’s easier to shape.

Read on below to learn about a few of Monitor Audio’s innovative offerings and why they’d fit perfectly into any room of your Charlotte, NC home.


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