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How to Use a Home Energy Management System

Being “green” isn’t only about saving the environment; it’s also about using your smart home wisely and enhancing your day-to-day life. But it may be confusing for homeowners to understand which settings to use to save electricity effectively. With so many controls, it can be overwhelming to choose the right scenes that will give you the most benefits. Today we are going to explain three easy ways to use your energy management system in Charlotte, NC. 

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Create a Green Scene

When activated, a green scene will put the entire house in an energy-savings mode. This is sort of a catch-all solution to reducing energy output. The lights will dim 50%, your solar shades will roll down, certain high-power devices will shut off, and the thermostat will adjust the temperature. After selecting the appropriate settings, label this scene “green” or “save energy” and hit the button on your keypad or mobile app anytime you want to reduce energy expenditures. It can be while you’re working from home or relaxing on the weekends. You can also use an “away” scene that turns off everything except for the security system when you leave the house or go on vacation to save energy too.

Use Timers and Sensors

To avoid wasting electricity, use timers or occupancy sensors to shut off lights or fans when not in use. As soon as you leave a room, the sensor will detect no one is there and turn off the lights and fans. Another idea is to program bathroom lights and fans to turn off after a set time delay. You could also use your bathroom timer to remind you to finish showering to save water and electricity.

Schedule Events According to Sunset and Sunrise Times

Your Control4 smart home can mirror the earth’s natural rhythms by corresponding to changes in the weather or time of day. As the sun rises in the morning, your smart home will draw your blackout drapes and lower the solar shades to protect your furnishings from the sun’s rays and prevent additional heat from affecting the HVAC system. A sunrise scene will also ensure your outdoor lights stay off during the day. Then, your home will re-adjust as the sun sets – like raising the lighting levels and turning on the front porch light.

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7 Ways to Make Your Home Green

The term “green” evokes many things today – from global warming to solar energy. There is a big movement today in preserving the natural world, and even the small things matter. So how do you do your part in saving our precious resources, and also saving your own? While recycling and purchasing electric cars can help, installing a home energy management system can make a huge difference. Here are seven ways you can save energy, and money in your pocketbook, using a smart home in Lake Norman or Charlotte North Carolina. 

1. Install Dimmers

According to Lutron, installing dimmers in your house can save you up to 20 percent on energy alone. Your smart home system can automatically dim the lights at specific times of day when the sun is brightest, or certain sequences like a romantic dinner. Keep touch pads on the wall so you can manually adjust lighting levels at any moment. Control4 reports that simply lowering your lighting setting by 10 percent can save enough energy to reduce up to 850 pounds of carbon dioxide each year—the equivalent of not driving a car for an entire month.

2. Use Motion Sensors

Have you ever forgotten to turn off the lights when you left the house? Install motion sensors and you don’t even have to check every room as you walk out the door. Every time a room is empty, the system will turn the lights off for you.

3. Add a Smart Thermostat

We’re sure you have heard of the smart thermostat, Nest. Whether you have one or need to add a smart thermostat in your home, this is one of the biggest opportunities to save a lot of energy. Air conditioning and central heat account for 25 to 40 percent of energy usage in the home. Having access to your thermostat on your mobile device makes it easier for you to set temperatures at strategic points throughout the day. It can also go on autopilot to adjust the temperature all on its own, and if you have Nest, it will learn your habits and remember them.

4. Coordinate Lights with Motorized Shades

Both smart lights and shades will make a difference in saving energy, but coordinate them together and you’ll save even more! Imagine your motorized shades going up at noon to let the sunlight in and the lights turning off at the same time when you don’t need them. As the sun sets, the lights will dim to 50% and the shades will come down to protect your privacy. Daylight sensors can be added as well to detect the presence of natural light and adjust artificial light accordingly.

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