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Designers & Architects: Your Guide to Cell Booster Systems


Consider Cell Signal Booster Integration Before Construction Is Complete 

Do you remember the early-2000s AT&T/Cingular commercials where calls would drop at the most unfortunate or awkward moments? As funny as those were, unreliable cell service is incredibly frustrating, especially today as we depend on our smartphones for social media, video calls, and streaming.  

These days, few homeowners use landlines, and many businesses use cell phones as their primary communication devices. But due to internal and external factors, some locations receive very weak cellular signals. That’s where cell booster systems save the day.

If you’re an architect or builder, your clients expect all technology inside their building to be well-running and reliable. We share below all you need to know about cell booster systems to elevate your next build projects in Charlotte, NC.

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The Architects and Builders’ Guide to Landscape Lighting Systems


Design an Outdoor Lighting System With Coastal Source

Luxury homebuyers aren’t just looking for exquisite interiors—they want spaces outside to entertain, relax, and dine. We’ve discussed the magic of outdoor audio that homeowners can control from one tap on their phones. From the same brand that manufactures weatherproof speakers, Coastal Source also creates a range of landscape lighting models.

If you’re looking to enhance your home build projects with landscape lighting systems, it helps to plan ahead where lights will go. The results will wow your clients and add value to your portfolio. Read on for inspiration for your Cornelius, NC, projects, and see how a technology integrator can help.

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Home Theater Design for Architects, Builders, and Interior Designers


How We’ll Help You Build or Design a Stunning Home Theater in Lake Norman, NC

If you’re an architect, builder, or interior designer, you know that it takes a village to complete a high-end home build. Daily, you’re in contact with electricians, plumbers, civil engineers, pool contractors, art dealers, consultants, and various specialists. You play the role of the ringleader, sourcing the right people and materials to put the puzzle pieces of a house together.

Just like the other experts you work with, if your clients are interested in a home theater, you’ll need assistance from someone who knows the technology inside and out. There are many moving parts to a home theater design, and a professional integrator can help your project flourish.

As a home theater installer in Lake Norman, NC, we’ll share below how we assist architects, builders, and designers to ‘wow’ clients with the magic of cinema.


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