A Professional Home Theater Installation Makes All the Difference

A professional home theater installation and setup featuring a large screen, lighting fixtures, and luxurious seating.

Work with The Integrated Home for an Immersive & Cinematic Media Space

A luxurious and inviting space for home entertainment is transformative for every viewer. With upgraded audio and video, you’ll never experience your home media the same way again in such an immersive environment! But to achieve this high-quality viewing space, you need high-quality solutions and products for your setup.

A professional home theater installation is essential for the cinematic result you have envisioned for your Charlotte, NC, space! And by working with The Integrated Home, you can rest assured that your project is in good care.

So what does this type of installation entail, and why is working with our team a must? Keep reading to find out more about our audio-video services and solutions for your upcoming home theater installation.

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Create The Perfect Environment For A Home Theater Installation


Going Beyond Speakers And Projectors For A Truly Immersive Experience

Movies contain powerful magic: the dancing of light off a screen and the manipulation of sound draws us in and transports the soul. From film's earliest days in the 1880s in Paris, a theater's decor, fabrics, and furnishing were used to invoke wonder and awe. 

Whether your aesthetics lean towards the 1920’s atmospheric movie palaces of John Eberson or a more modern minimalist design, lighting is a vital element. The placement, fixtures, brightness, and color create drama and a sense of anticipation. The newest entry Light Walls has the potential to become a revelation in home theater installation

Today, our understanding of the psychological effect of illumination and LED technology allows us to bring the experience to new heights. Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your Charlotte, NC, home? Then continue reading below to find out more.

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