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Prep Your Home for the Holidays with AV

With the winter holidays quickly approaching, you’ll no doubt have friends and family over for plenty of festivities and gatherings. So while you’re catching up with relatives and guests, you shouldn’t be worrying if everyone feels comfortable and entertained throughout the evening.

You can ensure every guest feels right at home by upgrading your home entertainment system in your Charlotte, NC living space just in time for the festivities. Keep on reading below to see how you can best utilize these exceptional AV solutions during this holiday season.




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Ready to Upgrade Your Home Entertainment for the Holidays?

Ready to Upgrade Your Home Entertainment for the Holidays?

The holidays are just around the corner, as we’ll enjoy a cozy stretch of get-togethers with mashed potatoes and homemade cookies. Whether you regularly host family at your house or will do so for the first time this year, you’ll want to be sure everyone has a time to remember. From Thanksgiving football games to Christmas music, we often incorporate audio and video into our celebrations. If you’ve meant to upgrade your home entertainment systems, consider this your year to shine.

Why? We’ll share the latest in display and audio options below. That way, you’ll spread holiday cheer through great music and video in your Charlotte, NC home.

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A Clear View at Any Angle

Whether the game is on after Thanksgiving dinner or you’re watching another rerun of A Christmas Story, it’s never looked better than on a Sony OLED screen. Your guests will marvel at the picture quality, viewing deeper blacks than ever for accurate color depiction. OLED screens are lit differently than other displays; rather than illuminating from a backlight, each individual pixel is self-illuminating. That adds up to over 8 million individually controlled pixels. Even during the daytime, you’ll view images clearly from a side angle, so guests gathered around the room can still see. Plus, the ultra-thin screen’s rapid response time makes for excellent motion handling when watching sports.  

Jolly Audio for Everyone

While folks mingle and sip cocoa, they’ll want to enjoy timeless tunes by Nat King Cole or newer classics like Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” But if your current audio setup only covers one room, that means friends and relatives across the house will be separated from the holiday cheer. With a multi-room audio system, high-quality tunes will play in synchronization in every room.

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