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A Stunning Media Room Installation for Both Indoors & Outdoors

A large media room space with a Screen Innovations Solo 3 screen installed in front of windows.

Screen Innovations Delivers a Screen to Transform Any Living Space

An immersive media room offers a perfectly curated oasis for you and your family to escape and experience your favorite entertainment in an ideal setting. There are many reasons to go with a media room installation over a home theater setup - one of them is the former’s flexibility. You can create a media room in any living space across your Charlotte, NC, home - even outdoors!

Of course, to make these multi-purpose media rooms a reality, you need the right audiovisual solutions to create the ultimate viewing experience, whether inside or outside. With the Solo 3 projection screen from Screen Innovations, your media room can become the place to be all year long! Keep reading below to find out more.

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How to Pick the Best ALR Screen for your Media Room

How to Pick the Best ALR Screen for your Media Room

“Ambient lighting” is a term used frequently in the AV industry. It is the light that is present in a room before additional lighting is added, including sunlight, ceiling lights, and fireplaces, as opposed to task lighting or complicated, multi-layered lighting design.

Though it is an essential part of our everyday lives, ambient lighting should not be a part of your home theater experience. Ambient light rejecting screens combat this glare-causing nuisance with unique technology that we’ll discuss today. Read on to find out why you should use one in your next media room installation in Lake Norman, NC!

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Types of Media Room Installation Screens

There are three types of reflection screens used in your Lake Norman media room installation. Regular screens use diffuse reflectors or reflectors that reflect incoming light in all directions uniformly. Most flat-panel televisions use diffuse reflectors, which is why when you watch them on a sunny day, you’ll see on the screen. Matte white screens are the perfect diffusers since white screens are designed to reflect light evenly across the display. In a dark room, projected pictures do not compete with ambient light. However, it is challenging to create a completely dark room when completing a media room installation.

Ambient Light Rejection Screens -Specular and Retroflective

Ambient light rejection screens are a recent trend in media room designs that reflect the image to the audience while reflecting any extraneous light away. There are two types of ambient light rejection displays: specular and retroreflective.

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Install Media Components into Any Room

Install Media Components into Any Room

Did you know a media room installation doesn’t have to be in a clients’ living room or basement?  There is no need to limit yourself when there is a world of high-end options for you to elevate your spaces with.

You can completely transform a homeowners’ upstairs bedroom or vanity area with top-notch audio video features.  You can guarantee they start their day off in a space that especially crafted to their needs.

A Seura smart mirror or smart mirror TV is the perfect solution to upgrade any space.  In this blog, we will explore how these products elevate your clients’ space and creates elegance and efficiency in their day-to-day routines.

Read on below to learn more about this advanced technology and how it can play a daily part in a homeowners’ life – and why it’s perfectly suited for your next Charlotte, NC smart tech installation.

Smart Mirror: The Future

Seura products have a distinctly futuristic feeling to them. They bring you and your clients the best in state of the art technology is all about making day-to-day life easier than ever before.

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Home Theater or Media Room? Help Your Clients Build the Right Space

Home Theater or Media Room? Help Your Clients Build the Right Space

Homeowners renovating or building a new property may describe their ideal living room or den to include surround sound and a large screen. Would they be more suited to a home theater? Or maybe your clients want a home theater, but also like the idea of spending time in the room for socializing. Home theaters and media rooms share similarities, but each room performs best with specific design and technology in mind. If you’re an interior designer or builder, this is an excellent opportunity to provide your clients with creative solutions. 

As you chat with clients about what they would like in their Charlotte, NC home, consider the following questions to help build the best space for them. Whether they’d like a media room installation or a home theater, we share our expertise with both below.

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Home Theater or Media Room?

Ask your clients: do you plan on entertaining during movies or while listening to music? Will you use your new media system for gaming or soundtracking a party? Is flexibility necessary for your space? If the answer is yes to these questions, a media room may be a better fit for socializing-inclined clients. On the other side of the coin, if your client already has a place for social gatherings and television, they will appreciate a dedicated home theater.

Building a Home Theater

While the screen of a cinema may seem like the most critical factor, it’s important to remember the sound and room components, too. Home theater screens are available in impressively high-definition options now, with home IMAX screens and 4K projectors. If your clients are seeking the best and brightest, let them know that 8K is more widely available now, as well as enhanced 4K format that surpasses earlier editions.

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Create the Perfect Space for Entertainment in Your Home

There’s nothing better than coming in for the night after a long day of work and catching up on your favorite TV show, or hosting a movie night for friends and family at the end of the week.  But to make the most of these fun events, you’ll need an entertainment system that is way above average.

That’s why a media room installation for your Lake Norman, NC home can elevate your entertainment like never before.  With the right audio-video components and technology in place, you’ll never be able to go back to watching your films and shows the same way again!

Keep reading below to learn about the many advantages of bringing a quality, multi-purpose media room to your living space, and how you can utilize yours to entertain both your friends and family.


Incomparable Audio-Video Technology

Your media room is where you’ll be spending lots of time enjoying a binge-worthy TV series with family, or watching your favorite sports team score big.  The kind of AV equipment you have installed is crucial in making or breaking the space.

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4 Media Room Design Trends That Should Be on Your Radar

4 Media Room Design Trends That Should Be on Your Radar

Interior designers, help your clients create a destination in their homes to gather and make memories—a media room! In a dedicated media room, families can enjoy the high-resolution entertainment of a private theater with added freedom to chat over drinks or play pool while the game’s on. They can settle in the dark to watch a film on the big screen or play cards while music swells from speakers and a subwoofer.

To truly ‘wow’ with design, we’ve rounded up the latest media room installation trends that your clients will love. And if you’re in the Charlotte, North Carolina region, The Integrated Home is your partner for all entertainment installations. Continue reading to learn more!

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1. Float the Furniture

It’s many people’s instinct to push couches and seating against a wall. But when you ‘float’ sofas in the middle of the room, you’ll create a space behind seating for games, a wine bar, and other activities. Folks can still relax and watch the screen from recliners and couches or have fun on the other side of the room. This will make the media room appear longer, freeing up space for more possibilities.

2. Hidden Technology

Is there a way to make a large TV screen and speakers appear minimalist? Yes, there is! If your client strives for sparse design, incorporate hidden technology solutions like an in-ceiling projector screen and in-wall speakers. When it’s time to start a movie, all your client will need to do is press a button on their smartphone or remote to lower the screen. In-floor screens that rise are a possibility, too. For robust surround sound, speakers can be placed inside walls, reducing the appearance of bulky technology. Plus, new mirror and artwork TVs disguise the screen’s appearance when not in use, so clients can enjoy the background while chatting with guests.

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