Whole House Video Systems for the Ultimate Sports Fan

Whole House Video Systems for the Ultimate Sports Fan

Whether you’re a big Charlotte Hornets fan or look forward to the Duke vs. Carolina basketball games all year, a professional whole house video system can enhance your experience watching sports at home. Instead of going to the local sports bar, create your own custom sports den for enjoying those big games. A custom home theater, media room, or even a bigger TV with a quality sound bar can serve as the perfect environment for cheering on your team. Keep reading to discover how you can tailor your home with the best video system for all your favorite sports events.

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Watch Multiple Games at Once

There are few places where you can watch baseball, football, and basketball at once. Most sports fans go to a local bar, but why go out all the time when you can catch multiple games at once in the comfort of your own home? A video wall would be the best setup for you--multiple TV screens installed next to each other to form one giant display. You can play six games at once or one on all of them to make a massive image. A professional can install exactly what you want and customize your home to your individual preferences. And, since you are in complete control, you don’t have to ask the bartender to change the station. A smart home system will make it easy for you to switch between games at any time.

Enjoy the Action on the Biggest Screen

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Surround Sound Challenges

Surround Sound Challenges

Sometimes adding a surround sound system to your Charlotte-area home is a fairly simple project. But what if the room you want to watch movies in is oddly shaped or is made of materials that complicate the installation? We want to assure you that when you work with a professional audio/video installer you can overcome any challenges. Read this helpful guide for more information.

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Oddly Shaped Ceilings

Positioning two or four speakers in the ceiling is key to creating 3D audio where you can hear the sound coming from above you. If a movie includes a plane flying overhead or other sounds that come from above, you’ll need them. But what if your ceiling is a dome, caved, or made of a difficult material like brick or glass? In cases where the speakers can’t be installed in the walls or mounted on the ceiling, you can use upward firing speakers, which play the soundtrack directly upward so the sound reflects off the ceiling and back down towards you. Keep in mind that these work best when the ceiling is made of a hard and smooth surface.

Open Spaces

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The Best Home Theater Systems for Your Charlotte Living Room

The Best Home Theater Systems for Your Charlotte Living Room

With so many new technologies on the market today, you may wonder if it's really worth it to upgrade your home theater system with the newest features in your Charlotte, North Carolina home. We are here to tell you that 4K TVs and the Kaleidescape Movie Server are some of the best products you can add to your family room right now that are well worth the effort. Read on to learn about why 4K is here to stay.

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You may be wondering if upgrading to 4K is really worth it. After all, why do all the work of setting up a new home theater system if you like the one you have? The truth is that the newest models of 4K TVs have all of the latest enhancements, including high-contrast, brightness, depth of color, high frame rates, and of course – high resolution. TVs that are in UHD have four times the amount of pixels than HD. This means that you can sit just a few feet away from the screen and not see any of those 8 million pixels. UHD TVs are so detailed and clear that they almost look 3D, like the picture is popping out at you. Also, available 4K content is growing at a rapid pace. UHD Blu-rays were released at CES 2016, and Netflix, VUDU, and Amazon Prime have already started developing 4K content beyond what they already have available for viewing. You can also purchase many 4K movies through the new Kaleidescape Movie Server Strato.


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How to Pair up a Projector and Screen for Your Home Theater

How to Pair up a Projector and Screen for Your Home Theater

The relationship between the projector and a screen in a home theater is important. You need just the right match up to get the best picture. Unlike a TV that you can simply hang on the wall, this home theater system setup requires more attention to detail, but the results will be well worth it. You can enjoy a large image and crystal clear picture quality in your Charlotte, NC home. Stick around to get the full scoop on our blog.

Dedicated Theaters

If your system is going to be installed in a closed room, like a basement or extra bedroom, then you don’t have to worry about where the projector is going to be positioned or light affecting the image on screen (unless there are tons of windows in the room). Dedicating a room to enjoying entertainment gives you more control over the environment so the setup is more straightforward. Our team will install the projector at the back of the room and position the screen across from it according to the size of the room and the technical specifications.


Sony 4K Home Cinema Projector: Sony offers a number of great 4K projectors for the home that include native 4K quality, high lumens count for brightness, and detailed high-dynamic range.

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How to Create the Right Environment in Your Home Theater

Setting up a home theater system goes way beyond just installing a surround sound system and projector and screen. You need to consider how every aspect of the room will affect your movie-watching experience. After all, when you go to the local movie theater in Charlotte, North Carolina, you sit in a completely dark room on professional seats. The room has also been designed and tested to ensure the acoustics are perfect. The good news is that by working with a local professional like The Integrated Home, you can optimize your own home by the same standards of the big cinemas. Here are the three main aspects of your room that you need to consider to get the best experience in home entertainment.

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Eliminate Glare in the Room

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How to Get the Most out of Your 4K Home Theater

Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed crowds of people rush to the nearest stores to purchase a 4K TV for their home theater or media room. Many people want to have the very best picture on the market for their Lake Norman, NC residence, and it’s no wonder why when they see such beautiful images on a UHD screen. Yet some homeowners are still not getting the best picture with their home theater system because their settings aren’t right, their cables aren’t compatible, or their system doesn’t match the content specifications. In this blog, we are going to cover exactly what you need to get the most out of your 4K TV or projector. 

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The most common issue we see in homes is not having the right cables in the home theater or media room. Ultra High Definition technology is four times the resolution of HD, or 1080 pixels, and that means your cables need to support four times the information. Add HDR into the equation and you could experience a downscaled signal or even no picture at all. You need to upgrade your cables to ensure you have the proper amount of bandwidth. Using the right cables is essential for all of the devices in your home theater, including the UHD Blu-ray player and cable box. For any devices contained within the theater, say a local UHD Blu-ray player, you can connect them with HDMI 2.0 cables. For any hardware racked neatly in the basement, you’ll want to fortify your signal with fiber optic cables which, unlike HDMI 2.0, can transmit 4K signals over long distances.

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Home Theater or Media Room? Help Your Clients Build the Right Space

Home Theater or Media Room? Help Your Clients Build the Right Space

Homeowners renovating or building a new property may describe their ideal living room or den to include surround sound and a large screen. Would they be more suited to a home theater? Or maybe your clients want a home theater, but also like the idea of spending time in the room for socializing. Home theaters and media rooms share similarities, but each room performs best with specific design and technology in mind. If you’re an interior designer or builder, this is an excellent opportunity to provide your clients with creative solutions. 

As you chat with clients about what they would like in their Charlotte, NC home, consider the following questions to help build the best space for them. Whether they’d like a media room installation or a home theater, we share our expertise with both below.

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Home Theater or Media Room?

Ask your clients: do you plan on entertaining during movies or while listening to music? Will you use your new media system for gaming or soundtracking a party? Is flexibility necessary for your space? If the answer is yes to these questions, a media room may be a better fit for socializing-inclined clients. On the other side of the coin, if your client already has a place for social gatherings and television, they will appreciate a dedicated home theater.

Building a Home Theater

While the screen of a cinema may seem like the most critical factor, it’s important to remember the sound and room components, too. Home theater screens are available in impressively high-definition options now, with home IMAX screens and 4K projectors. If your clients are seeking the best and brightest, let them know that 8K is more widely available now, as well as enhanced 4K format that surpasses earlier editions.

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Dedicated Home Theater or Media Room? What’s Right for my Lake Norman Home?

Dedicated Home Theater or Media Room? What’s Right for my Lake Norman Home?

There are many home theater systems on the market today, which can make it difficult to figure out which one is best. We’ve even written a blog all about your options and the premium brands we offer in the Lake Norman area.

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In this article we want to cover what type of space is best for your system. Your preferences and needs will determine if a multipurpose media room is better for you, or a dedicated home theater. Continue reading to discover all your options for home entertainment.

Multipurpose Media Rooms

A media room is a great option for families who want to include their home theater system in common areas. A lot of interior designers today are using an open concept in homes so that rooms aren’t divided, which can make the home seem smaller and more confined. Open areas give parents the ability to watch their kids as they cook or clean since they can glance from the stove to the living room. Open concepts are also beneficial for entertaining. You could be preparing drinks in the kitchen and still have a conversation with your company in the dining room or media room. People can also flow from one space to another easily, and all of your décor pieces can be coherent. A media room comes into play by allowing your friends and family to enjoy a variety of activities at any moment. For example, we could hide a TV behind a piece of art or in a mirror so that a living room turns into a home theater instantly with the press of a button. You can have a cocktail party one moment or simply read a book, and then get ready to watch a movie or play a video game the next. Media rooms are both practical and pleasing to look at. One important factor to note is that the quality of your home theater system will not be compromised when we install it in an open area. We can install speakers in the ceiling and in the walls in front of you and back to create the surround sound effect. We also have special projectors and screens that display defined, vivid images even in bright light. The black diamond screen by Screen Innovations can be enjoyed in broad daylight. Be rest assured you’ll get both quality and beauty in your media room.

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Enhance Your Home Theater with a Control4 System Installation

Many homeowners in North Carolina come into the world of smart automation because they want a top-of-the-line dedicated home theater. But while you might have the stunning new Sony 4K projector and the latest Dolby Atmos surround sound system from Integra and Monitor Audio, you still may not be getting the best entertainment experience. 

We highly recommend a Control4 system installation to make accessing your entertainment and controlling your space simple and convenient. With Control4, you have unprecedented access to all of the features that can make your home theater experience unforgettable. Read on to find out how The Integrated Home can enhance your entertainment space.

Set the Scene for Movie Night

Picture this: you settle down in your home theater ready to watch your favorite movie. Now all you need to do is dim the lights, lower the screen and projector, raise the volume on your surround sound system and start the movie. Now imagine that you can do all of this with the touch of a single button, so all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite flick. A Control4 system installation makes this possible by giving you the ability to save specific settings for future use. For example, program the lights to dim to a low level, set the volume to level 10, and the shades to lower. Once you create the scene, you can use it again and again using a mobile device like a phone or tablet. In just one touch, you’re ready for the perfect movie night.

Go all the Way with 4K Ultra HD

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4 Media Room Design Trends That Should Be on Your Radar

4 Media Room Design Trends That Should Be on Your Radar

Interior designers, help your clients create a destination in their homes to gather and make memories—a media room! In a dedicated media room, families can enjoy the high-resolution entertainment of a private theater with added freedom to chat over drinks or play pool while the game’s on. They can settle in the dark to watch a film on the big screen or play cards while music swells from speakers and a subwoofer.

To truly ‘wow’ with design, we’ve rounded up the latest media room installation trends that your clients will love. And if you’re in the Charlotte, North Carolina region, The Integrated Home is your partner for all entertainment installations. Continue reading to learn more!

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1. Float the Furniture

It’s many people’s instinct to push couches and seating against a wall. But when you ‘float’ sofas in the middle of the room, you’ll create a space behind seating for games, a wine bar, and other activities. Folks can still relax and watch the screen from recliners and couches or have fun on the other side of the room. This will make the media room appear longer, freeing up space for more possibilities.

2. Hidden Technology

Is there a way to make a large TV screen and speakers appear minimalist? Yes, there is! If your client strives for sparse design, incorporate hidden technology solutions like an in-ceiling projector screen and in-wall speakers. When it’s time to start a movie, all your client will need to do is press a button on their smartphone or remote to lower the screen. In-floor screens that rise are a possibility, too. For robust surround sound, speakers can be placed inside walls, reducing the appearance of bulky technology. Plus, new mirror and artwork TVs disguise the screen’s appearance when not in use, so clients can enjoy the background while chatting with guests.

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3 Essential Features for your Home Theater System

You might be a huge movie buff or simply want a way to relax while enjoying a film with friends and family.  A custom home theater system can give you both the comfort and enhanced fixtures commercial theaters simply don’t have.  Impress guests – and yourself – with a new viewing experience like no other.  Installation and design might seem overwhelming, but there are three key features needed when planning your theater.  Read on to learn how a perfect home theater design for you will amaze every viewer in your Charlotte, NC home.

1. Stellar Screen and Surround Sound

If you want to recreate the amazing visuals of a commercial theater, you need a 4K Ultra High-Definition projector. Even on a screen large enough to fill the entire wall, you won’t be able to see any pixelation or blurriness. Instead, you get a crisp, clear picture.


Second, you’ll want a surround sound system that gives you the feeling of actually being in the movie. With surround sound, the speakers are strategically placed overhead, to the sides, behind, and in front of you to create a fully immersive listening experience.

2. The Right Seating

The style, material, and position of your home theater seating will make a big difference in the overall experience. As your home theater installer, we’ll be able to provide recommendations on the perfect seating based on room size and how many people you want to accommodate seating for within the space. 

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