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Lighting Design Tips for the Kitchen

Modern kitchen with a professional lighting design.

How to Enhance Your Kitchen Through Lighting ‍

Lighting design is crucial in every room of the house. But let’s start with one of the most popular rooms: the kitchen. Whether you’re a great cook or not, the kitchen is where the family congregates around food, drink, and conversations.

And with a well-planned lighting design, you’ll enhance the kitchen’s aesthetics while improving safety and functionality. Has that cheese gone moldy? Appropriate lighting ensures you’re never second-guessing. 

By choosing the right lighting fixtures and layout, you can curate a warm and inviting atmosphere that makes your kitchen the heart of your home. Let’s examine how you can improve your kitchen’s lighting design in Charlotte, NC, and beyond. 

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Top 4 Advantages of Lighting Design

An open-concept home with professional lighting design in Charlotte, NC.

Enhance functionality, ambiance, mood, and health through this innovative solution.

Gone are the days when lighting was only used to brighten up spaces and improve their functionality. Today, the role of lighting in architecture and interior design extends far beyond.

Lighting design has become a powerful tool that can transform spaces, elevating everything from aesthetics and visual appeal to your mood and health. Let’s delve into some of the positive changes lighting design in Charlotte, NC, can bring to our homes and environments.

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Top Lighting Design Considerations for Trade Partners

Make Your Clients’ Homes Pop with Bold & Daring Lighting Concepts

As an architect, custom home builder, or interior designer, you know how exacting clients can be when it comes to their home-related projects. That’s why enlisting the help of a professional lighting design team and technology integration specialist like The Integrated Home is essential for any Charlotte, NC, project.

Keep reading to discover the top considerations we make when helping clients achieve a beautiful home with stunning lighting and intuitive control.

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Top Lighting Design Trends and Ideas for Your Home

Living room with recessed and alcove lighting.

Upgrade Your Lighting to Make Your Home Look and Feel Its Best

Lighting has the potential to dramatically alter the look and feel of your home, making it a crucial part of design plans. But with so many lighting options on the market, it can be challenging to decide which ones to incorporate into your home and which ones to avoid. Here’s a quick overview of some of the best lighting design trends and ideas to help with this often tricky but critical design factor in Charlotte, NC.

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Smart Lighting Design Transforms Your Home’s Aesthetics

A modern kitchen with three different shades of lighting design

Improve the Beauty and Functionality of Your Living Space with a Lighting System That’s Designed with You in Mind

Lighting is an essential part of our daily lives from morning to evening. Whether it’s natural sunlight through your windows or your home’s lighting system, both play a crucial role in helping you perform daily tasks, as well as improve the ambiance of your home - and even your mood!

The Integrated Home is here to help you have the best lighting control system for your home - one that is seamless, sophisticated, and stylish. We work closely with the top manufacturers and brands to make it happen. One of our closest partners, Lighting Can Help You, offers advanced lighting solutions that are perfect for homeowners. 

Read on to discover how our combined efforts achieve the ideal lighting design for your home in Charlotte, NC. 

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Change Your Life with Better Lighting

A backyard at dusk with a pool, fire feature, and an open-home concept with lights illuminating the home's interior.

The Right Lighting Keeps You Safe, Healthy, and Happy

At The Integrated Home, we partner with industry leaders to offer our clients the latest in home automation and design. One of our partners, Light Can Help You, works with us to provide the optimum home lighting design that’s also effortless to control. 

It’s not an overstatement to suggest that the right lighting can enhance your everyday lives in unimaginable ways. So let's explore what better lighting can do for you and your Charlotte, NC, home.

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Get Help with Your Lighting Design from Circa and The Integrated Home


Assemble Impressive Lighting Packages for Clients with Selection, Integration, and Support

As a designer, you know how important illumination is to the spaces you bring to life. You also understand that there are almost limitless choices to make in lighting, from ambient to task to decorative and more. Not only that, but the technology component in lighting also adds another layer of complexity, making for more options. Add your client's desires and vision to the list, and we don't envy your challenges.

But The Integrated Home is here to help. For many years we have worked closely with architects and designers to bring the best in lighting control and automation to you and your client’s vision for illumination in your projects. And now, we’ve partnered with Circa Lighting – with a North Carolina showroom conveniently located right here in Charlotte – to help bring together the fixture choices, lighting design services, your sense of style, and the technology into one cohesive package that’s sure to please your clients. 

Keep reading below to see how together we can make every residential home design shine. 

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Make Your Interiors Shine with Superior Lighting Design


How Tunable Lighting Makes Everything Look Better

Have you ever walked into a room and been struck by the lighting? Perhaps it was too bright. Or maybe the light was too “cold.” Maybe there wasn’t enough light. Or possibly there was natural light available, and it wasn’t being used well. 

Good lighting design is part art and part science. The science comes into how to design lighting sources that provide enough light for specific purposes and give precise ways to control it. The art comes into using creativity with light to make interior details more attractive and noticeable. 

One of the newer features on the science end of lighting design is tunable lighting. Tunable lighting adds to the scientific lighting toolset and opens new creative, artful uses of light for your Charlotte, NC home. Explore more about tunable lighting and its benefits below!

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Reimagine Your Lighting Designs with REVI Downlighting


The REVI Low-Voltage Lighting Solution is Beautiful, Flexible, and Efficient

As an architect, designer, or home builder, you likely know how LED technology has revolutionized lighting. LED technology has enabled features like tunable lighting, which can vary white color temperature and illuminate with a rainbow of customizable colors. LED lighting is 80% more efficient than incandescent lighting, enabling far more efficient use of energy. And the compact, low heat emission nature of LED has also allowed for new lighting designs and fixtures that other technology can't match.

LED technology’s low energy use allows for low voltage lighting solutions that still provide the brightness and intensity of line voltage lighting. Low voltage has been used in outdoor lighting for years, but only recently with LED technology has it been able to meet the performance criteria for indoor lighting. One of the best solutions in high-performance low-voltage indoor lighting comes from Environmental Lights’ REVI line. Keep reading to learn more about REVI downlighting and how you can use it in your residential lighting design projects in Charlotte, NC.

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How Séura Lighted Mirrors Add New Flair to Lighting Design


Séura Offers New Mirror Design Options for Bathrooms and Dressing Areas

Baths and dressing areas can be tricky from a lighting design standpoint. You want to have enough lighting, but it must also not be too much for certain tasks like applying makeup. Lighted mirrors offer lighting and interior designers a chance to add form and function at the same time – combining lighting and the utility of mirrors.

Séura is a maker of specialty products like mirror TVs, outdoor TVs, and lighted mirrors designed for both aesthetics and performance. Séura products are widely used in commercial settings like hotels, but their quality is equally at home in luxury residences. Read on to see how to enhance lighting designs in Charlotte, NC, high-end homes with Séura lighted mirrors.

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