Change Your Life with Better Lighting

A backyard at dusk with a pool, fire feature, and an open-home concept with lights illuminating the home's interior.

The Right Lighting Keeps You Safe, Healthy, and Happy

At The Integrated Home, we partner with industry leaders to offer our clients the latest in home automation and design. One of our partners, Light Can Help You, works with us to provide the optimum home lighting design that’s also effortless to control. 

It’s not an overstatement to suggest that the right lighting can enhance your everyday lives in unimaginable ways. So let's explore what better lighting can do for you and your Charlotte, NC, home.

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The Right Light Helps You Excel

Our lives are made up of daily tasks, with to-dos that sometimes seem never-ending. However, with the right lighting, those to-dos become easier, more fulfilling, and less frustrating. In fact, second only to fire, some consider the light bulb the most important invention.

Light helps you read your favorite book and work on your computer without straining your eyes. It leads you safely in the dark, helps you prepare a meal, and lets you enjoy an evening of al fresco dining with friends and family. We’ll ensure you have the right light in the right places, so you can do all the things you love. 

Light Lets You Know What’s Around You

Imagine being in your backyard enjoying the brilliant stars overhead. You hear a noise by the side gate, but it’s too dark to see what’s making it. Is it a friendly squirrel or an ill-intended intruder? Who knows? You walk inside, close and lock the door.

Now, imagine you’re enjoying the stars when a noise interrupts your solitude. This time, you tap the button on your tablet that illuminates your entire backyard or shines a spotlight on the side of your home. You spot a raccoon who freezes in his tracks and then scampers off while you go back to viewing Orion and the Big Dipper. 

We’ll make sure you have the right amount of light at the right time to vanquish your fears and let you know what’s around you.

Light Helps You Feel Better

The right lights do more than make us feel good; they have also been shown to affect our moods and health. When sunlight enters your eye, it stimulates your brain to produce serotonin, your “Happy” hormone. As it gets darker, your brain starts to make melatonin, the hormone that promotes sound sleep. 

The color and intensity of light also affect our moods. Studies show that cool blue tones help us feel more productive, while warm orange-red tones help us relax. We’ll create a space with the right amount of natural light to keep you healthy and happy and give you the ability to effortlessly set the hue and temperature for the activities at hand. 

The Right Control Results in the Right Light

At The Integrated Home, we use today’s technology solutions to make our clients’ lives easier and more enjoyable. With the right system, you control your lights, climate, entertainment, and security from one easy-to-use interface on a touchscreen, remote, or mobile app. To learn more about lighting design or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact The Integrated Home today.

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