How Séura Lighted Mirrors Add New Flair to Lighting Design


Séura Offers New Mirror Design Options for Bathrooms and Dressing Areas

Baths and dressing areas can be tricky from a lighting design standpoint. You want to have enough lighting, but it must also not be too much for certain tasks like applying makeup. Lighted mirrors offer lighting and interior designers a chance to add form and function at the same time – combining lighting and the utility of mirrors.

Séura is a maker of specialty products like mirror TVs, outdoor TVs, and lighted mirrors designed for both aesthetics and performance. Séura products are widely used in commercial settings like hotels, but their quality is equally at home in luxury residences. Read on to see how to enhance lighting designs in Charlotte, NC, high-end homes with Séura lighted mirrors.

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The New Full-Length Mirror

Who doesn’t want to look at themselves in the best light? With Séura full-length mirrors, they can. These mirrors artfully embed superior lighting that Séura calls Radiant LED Technology™. It’s bright, easily dimmable via a flush touch control, and has color-calibrated lighting that makes everyone look their best. For applying or evaluating makeup, Séura combines 90+ CRI light with 96R9 value (red) for vibrant, natural skin tones. The mirrors also use 3000K warm white lighting to avoid the harshness that sometimes comes with bright bathroom or vanity lighting. These full-length mirrors are custom configurable for size and shape and can be hard-wired or used in plug-in installations.

Vanity Mirrors

Séura lighted vanity mirrors bring light without added fixtures for a seamless appearance and easy integration into today’s sleek, modern bath designs. Beyond the standard geometric shapes, the mirrors are available with rounded corners, in polygon, trapezoid, arch, and oval shapes, and with custom cutouts and holes for wall-mounted faucets. The new shapes open up design creativity for mirrors and lighting to go with your most inventive décor and design. Using the same LED warm light technology and dimming capability as the full-length mirrors, these mirrors offer superior lighting performance for bathroom spaces.

Vanity TV Mirrors

The convenience of a TV in a bath or dressing area is undeniable; it provides entertainment and information while performing daily get-ready routines. With vanity TV mirrors, the TV can be part of the mirror and disappear when not in use. Séura TV lets you position the TV almost anywhere in the mirror. Built-in speakers make for easy installation, but the sound can be output to whole-home audio speakers in the ceiling or walls for more robust audio.

Add custom lighted mirrors to your repertoire of lighting design options. To learn more, contact The Integrated Home in Charlotte, NC, today by calling 704-412-4040, filling out an online form, or connecting with us instantly by clicking the chat window below. We look forward to working with you.

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