Hidden Technology Makes for Stunning Interior Design


Discreetly Add Audio & Video to Any Room

You’re designing a home with feng shui in mind, artfully placing furniture for your client’s purposeful lifestyle. But oh—where will their speaker system go? Or maybe you’re layering eclectic pieces for your creative-minded client. A flatscreen disrupts the bohemian atmosphere. But where else will the TV go?

Enter hidden technology. New audio video practices make it easier to get creative with interior design, allowing homeowners to enjoy their media devices with less clutter. As a technology integrator, we work with interior designers and builders in Charlotte, NC to incorporate hidden technology in-home projects. Read on to discover your options!  

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Mirror & Artwork TVs

Whether it’s in a whimsical bedroom or a chic dining area, an HD screen can blend into any surrounding with Séura’s TV mirrors. When the display is turned off, all your clients will see there are a fully functional mirror and their reflection looking back at them. But when they’re in the mood for Netflix, the mirror shifts into their hidden television. Séura’s Vanity TV Mirrors discreetly incorporates video into bathroom, spa, and dressing room mirrors, disappearing just as quickly as it turned on.  

The art-loving client will appreciate Samsung’s approach to hidden TV. The Frame screen’s Art Mode takes the shape of a realistic painting when powered off. Anyone visiting wouldn’t guess for a second that the artwork over the mantel is a TV!

Screen & Projector Lifts

When it’s movie time, your client’s media room transforms into a home theater space with a large projector screen. When the movie’s over? Their screen will retract into the ceiling, the projector going with it, leaving no trace behind. A home automation system makes controlling hidden AV easy. From one tap of their smart system app, your clients can enjoy instant entertainment, then let it disappear into the walls and ceiling.

In-Wall & In-Ceiling Speakers

In-wall and in-ceiling audio by brands like Meridian and James Loudspeaker deliver powerful and rich sound without a speaker in sight. A multi-room setup of in-wall speakers and subwoofers will let your clients enjoy their favorite tunes throughout the house without the clutter of floor-standing or bookshelf speakers. They may use the audio system as surround sound for TV or connect their favorite playlists to host a cocktail night. Guests will wonder: where is that excellent music coming from?

Concealed AV Equipment

If your clients own a handful of AV sources—like a Blu-ray player, router, receiver, and smart system controller—an equipment rack or centralized storing location will keep everything tidy and out of sight. No one will like to see devices and wires squeezed behind a cabinet or cobbled together under the TV. Plus, all that cramped equipment leads to poor heat management, harming technology’s performance.

A centralized rack will shelve equipment for ventilation with cooling and power strips. Racks may be placed inside a closet, cabinet, or utility room. Plus, with all technology neatly arranged in one place, it will be easier for an AV professional to help with any technical difficulties that might arise.

Curious to learn more about hidden technology for your upcoming design projects? Contact The Integrated Home here to learn more about mirror TVs, in-wall speakers, and more.

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