How to Control Your Automated Home With Natural Speech


Introducing, the Voice Control That Understands You

We've discussed how voice control adds another dimension to home automation in your Charlotte, NC home. Systems like Amazon Alexa add hands and eyes-free control to all the capabilities of your smart home.

If there’s one knock on these popular systems, it’s that sometimes you have to say things a certain way to be understood. It’s frustrating when your hands are full, you need to turn on a light, and you have to repeat a voice command.

Undoubtedly, these systems are continually learning and get better all the time. But there is one that has been designed from the start to make it easier to control your home with just your voice – Keep reading to learn more about this new and innovative approach to voice control.

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Speak Naturally

No one wants to feel like they’re talking to a robot. You want your smart home features to understand natural speech and respond that way too. Perhaps the first thing you might want to do is call your voice assistant whatever you want. How about Charlie instead of Alexa? lets you do just that.

The biggest hindrances with today's voice control solutions are their limited comprehension of context. Often when you try to issue a follow-up command or question, it needs to be phrased in a specific way or syntax, and that phrasing doesn’t always feel natural to users. has been developed as a voice platform specifically for home automation, and they have taken great care in adding extra intelligence to the system to understand the context. For example, you can tell to "dim the lights and start “Away” on Netflix," and it can parse that, making sure your lights will lower and your AV system starts up with all the right settings as “Away” starts playing in your media room.

Here's another smart feature: speakers know the room in which they're located. You don't have to call out which light to turn on or off in a command. When you say, "Turn on the lights," it will do that for the room you're in, and not ask you, "Hmmm…there are many lights with that name. Which one do you want?"

Superior Integration and Privacy plays well with all the top names in home automation. It integrates seamlessly with Sonos home audio, Lutron lighting control, and comprehensive smart home systems like Control4. It also learns from your habits, so if you typically lower your motorized shades on a hot summer afternoon, it will start doing it for you. Beyond a higher level of voice control, aims to simplify home automation. A companion app on IOS and Android lets you use your voice to control your home when you're away or far from the speaker (perhaps when outside). It also gives you an elegant interface for setting up your voice control and automation to best fit you.

A common concern with voice assistants has been privacy, especially as these devices are always listening and processing information in the cloud. Unlike other services, processes locally, only using the cloud and internet when needing to interface to remote systems. It does not track your usage to sell your information for marketing purposes, so you need not worry about how you use it.

If you’re looking for a fresh approach to voice-controlled smart homes, you may want to know more about Josh.AI. Contact us here to get started; we look forward to working with you!

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