Top Lighting Design Considerations for Trade Partners

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Make Your Clients’ Homes Pop with Bold & Daring Lighting Concepts

As an architect, custom home builder, or interior designer, you know how exacting clients can be when it comes to their home-related projects. That’s why enlisting the help of a professional lighting design team and technology integration specialist like The Integrated Home is essential for any Charlotte, NC, project.

Keep reading to discover the top considerations we make when helping clients achieve a beautiful home with stunning lighting and intuitive control.

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Find the Perfect Fixtures & Placement

Residential lighting design is an essential component to making luxury homes feel welcoming or unwelcoming, dramatic or plain, institutional or homey. Our lighting designers consider the science of light and the current technologies available on the market today to change a room with the tap of a button.

In long hallways, add uplights for navigation and to draw the eye down the corridor to a stunning art piece. Add wall-washing fixtures to your outdoor landscaping to showcase a home’s architecture and add security. Or incorporate attractive pendant lights above the kitchen island for a conversation starter that adds task lighting to dinner preparations.

Circadian Lighting for Wellness

The color temperature settings of home lighting are also essential in transforming how a home looks and feels. Too-bright, blue-toned hues used in the evening hours can affect a homeowner’s wellness, signaling to the brain that it’s time to work and be productive instead of winding down. Too-dim, amber-toned hues let your brain know that it’s time to relax, so using warm lighting in the middle of the day can leave a person feeling drowsy. 

Perfect for Any Project

Even if your clients aren’t looking for a complete lighting design overhaul from the ground up or would prefer a lower-cost option, you can still incorporate several essential lighting design principles in a home. Several of our partner brands, such as DMF and Tech Lighting, have in-house lighting design and fixture selections that take the stress out of the design process while keeping the flexibility homeowners desire. 

Our team can walk through all the details with you and your client, helping them select the ideal fixtures, installation locations, and control options that suit their lifestyles. That’s the beauty of lighting design—each home is unique and bespoke to the owner’s preferences and lifestyle needs.

If you’ve been looking for ways to enhance your clients’ satisfaction, then it’s time to connect with our team using this contact form to get started! From lighting design and installation to full home automation and control, The Integrated Home is here for you every step of the way. We can’t wait to hear from you.


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