Smart Lighting Design Transforms Your Home’s Aesthetics

A modern kitchen with three different shades of lighting design

Improve the Beauty and Functionality of Your Living Space with a Lighting System That’s Designed with You in Mind

Lighting is an essential part of our daily lives from morning to evening. Whether it’s natural sunlight through your windows or your home’s lighting system, both play a crucial role in helping you perform daily tasks, as well as improve the ambiance of your home - and even your mood!

The Integrated Home is here to help you have the best lighting control system for your home - one that is seamless, sophisticated, and stylish. We work closely with the top manufacturers and brands to make it happen. One of our closest partners, Lighting Can Help You, offers advanced lighting solutions that are perfect for homeowners. 

Read on to discover how our combined efforts achieve the ideal lighting design for your home in Charlotte, NC. 

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Focus on Tasks Better with the Right Lighting System

Do you work from home or use the computer often? With the right lighting system, you’ll reduce the strain on your eyes and improve your focus on everyday tasks. The color, brightness, and positioning of lighting ensure a properly lit work environment in your home office. 

We also need lighting for home tasks like chopping vegetables, reading, applying makeup, etc. Based on your daily routine and preferences, we create a custom lighting control system that takes into account your needs. From the bathroom and kitchen to the study, living room, and entertainment spaces, we’ll make sure every lighting fixture is in the right place - and you’re able to adjust the settings as well. 

Boost the Aesthetics and Security

Lighting systems illuminate your home. That’s a given! But they offer much more than that. They also improve the aesthetics. Be it your indoor space or outdoor area; lighting enhances the décor. Highlight paintings or other artwork with low-voltage lighting. Under-cabinet kitchen lights give your cooking area character. Use track lighting, pendants, sconces, recessed lights, and ambient lighting to add personality to any area of your home. 

Light also improves home security. Imagine enjoying the view of your beautiful landscaping design, but then the sun goes down. Unfortunately, nightfall and a poorly lit home create the perfect invitation to burglars. But when you have an outdoor lighting control system in place, intruders have nowhere to hide. With various types of lighting installed throughout your property, you ensure a safer home. 

Improve Wellness in Your Home

Studies suggest that exposure to natural lighting helps to regulate the body’s circadian rhythm. Introducing: tunable lights! These types of lights in your home not only allow you to see better, but they also help you to sleep and stay energized throughout the day. All of this is possible because our body naturally responds to light. With the right correlated color temperature and light intensity, you can boost your overall health. 

Are you ready to have the perfect lighting design for your home in Charlotte, NC? The Integrated Home offers the best lighting control systems for residential spaces. Get in touch today to start your project. Call us at (704) 412-4040 or fill out an easy online contact form to get more details. 

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