Is Your Surveillance System Really Protecting Your Home?


Did you know that police typically only solve 13 percent of home invasions due to lack of witnesses or evidence? In case of a break-in, a surveillance system can help you catch the perpetrators to recover your property and avoid a second offense.

For that very reason, visible surveillance cameras will deter robbers from targeting your home altogether. Thieves know if they’re seen, they’ll likely be caught.

But installing a few security cameras is not enough to protect your Charlotte, NC home. The wrong ones or poor installation could result in significant holes in your surveillance system.  

We cover the biggest surveillance camera mistakes below (as well as how to fix them, of course).

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Surveillance in the Dark: Starlight Security Cameras


How Starlight Technology Is Redefining Low-Light Surveillance

It’s the middle of the night, and someone is approaching your home. They travel discreetly up the side of your lawn and break into your garage, tampering with the lock. Now they’re inside your house and are stealing your belongings.

If you have a smart security system, alarms and lights should have been activated automatically. But if your entire property isn’t covered, or if an intruder finds a way to avoid being seen, all you’ll be left with is dark, impossible-to-see footage on your security cameras. That will be no help when handing it over to the authorities, and you won’t be able to catch the criminal.

That’s where starlight security cameras are changing the game. The lowlight cameras make surveillance systems just as effective during the night time as during the day. To see how starlight cameras, like models by Luma, can help your Charlotte, NC, home, discover the benefits below.  


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3 Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Surveillance System

Smart technology makes daily life easier for everyone in your home.  From added convenience and comfort to various luxurious features, your automated systems can transform how you go about your day.

But did you know that while smart technologies elevate your living space they can also protect it. By upgrading your home’s surveillance system, you can ensure that your Lake Norman, NC property and your family stays safe and secure at all times, whether you’re near or far away.

In this blog, we’ll go through the top three reasons it’s essential to bring security and surveillance solutions to your home. Keep on reading below to find out more.



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