Sync Your Smart Lighting with Audio, Security, & Motorized Shades


Create Custom, Livable Scenes with Control4

Smart lighting control is, in our opinion, one of the most exciting and beneficial developments of recent technology. You can create schedules for your home’s lights, turn rooms on with a voice command, and even customize the color temperature and brightness of each bulb. But with a smart home system like Control4, you can take possibilities a step further when you combine your smart lighting with other home devices.

If you wish to transform your Lake Norman, NC home’s atmosphere, security, and more, continue reading for our lighting automation tips.


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Lighting & Audio

Imagine tapping “Relax” on your smartphone or tablet, and in an instant, your lights shift into dim, warm tones suited for a lounge. Simultaneously, your whole home stereo starts playing your favorite playlist. Suddenly your home is a different atmosphere, one that friends will love gathering in. Soon you’ll entertain with better dinners, conversations, and spontaneous dancing. You can create a specific party scene that sets your tunable lights to fun colors with upbeat music. Explore your lighting settings and whole home audio on the Control4 app, to create moments that you can revisit whenever you please.


Lighting & Security

If you have security devices installed, their effectiveness can only go so far without lighting. Your surveillance cameras will be much more useful if landscape and entrance lights turn on automatically as motion sensors detect activity. Any motion will trigger the lights on, flooding a trespasser in brightness and likely scaring them away. You can sync your lights with automatic locks, too, so your entrance lights will turn on as you return home. Check in on your house remotely from the Control4 app and while you view surveillance footage, turn on a few of your house’s lights to give yourself peace of mind.


Lighting & Motorized Shades

What if your shades and lights worked together for the ultimate comfort and privacy? As the sun begins to set, your front windows’ motorized shades can automatically lower while your lights turn shift into a warm sunset temperature. In the home theater or media room, press ‘Movie Time’ on your app and watch the overhead lights dim as shades lower: Suddenly, your room is immersed in the film. Your automated shades and lights can also become part of your morning routine, letting the sunrise be your alarm clock and illuminating darker rooms with bright daylight-hued bulbs.


Ready to upgrade your lighting beyond on/off switches? Contact The Integrated Home today to learn more about smart lighting and home automation. We’ll connect your technology to an easy-to-use smart system with customized scenes.


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