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Access More Content in Your Home with a Whole House Audio/Video System

Access More Content in Your Home with a Whole House Audio/Video System

For years, gaining access to your favorite entertainment was quite a process. If you wanted to watch a movie or listen to a record, you had to take a trip to the local store and hope they had the one you wanted in stock. Today, however, things are different. Virtually infinite amounts of audio and video content is available to stream through your whole house at any given moment. You simply need a system in your Concord, North Carolina home that can access the content with high-quality picture and sound. In this blog, we highlight a couple of our favorite solutions for streaming entertainment with a whole house audio/video system.

Sonos Gives You Sonic Satisfaction
Our clients often ask us: why do you love Sonos? The answer is simple, we love it because it sounds and looks great in any room. And with their latest advancements, Sonos speakers sound even better than ever.
Sonos’ latest – the PLAY:5 – is a first for the company. The original PLAY:5 has been completely overhauled, making it the first time they’ve completely replaced an existing product. And one listen will tell you why it’s a great idea.
The new version sports six drivers, making it capable of a much wider range of frequencies – meaning the bass is deeper and the treble is higher. This gives the speakers a greater capacity to catch every detail of music streamed from iTunes, Spotify, Pandora or other services. 
Moreover, the second recently announced development could be a real game changer. Trueplay is a software that fine-tunes your Sonos speakers for incredible sound, no matter where they are placed. That means that whether you have a PLAY:1 in the bathroom, a couple of PLAY:3s on your bedroom shelves or an immersive PLAY:5 set up in your living room, they all reproduce the music in a way that’s true to the artist’s intentions. 
Stream Movies Throughout Your Home
Of course, streaming media isn’t just restricted to music. You can also stream your favorite movies to any room of the house with a media distribution system.
From a single, unobtrusive location – like an unused closet or basement nook – your entire digital library of movies can be distributed throughout your home. Using the Kaleidescape movie server, store your entire movie collection and access new ones at any time online. With Control4 mobile controls on a tablet or smartphone, you can then start a movie in your home theater, pause it, move to the bedroom and pick up exactly where you left off. 
The same goes for content streamed from Netflix, Vudu, Hulu, Amazon Prime or any other service. Simply choose what you want to watch, and enjoy it in any room without a lot of electronic equipment taking up space. 
Are you ready to experience the wonder of a whole house audio/video system in your North Carolina home? Contact us today. 

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