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Exploring the Different Types of Motorized Shades and How They Work

Photo of a beautiful white kitchen with recessed lighting and motorized shades on the windows.

Looking to Upgrade Your Home with Automatic Blinds or Shades? 

Motorized shades have significantly changed how we control natural light, privacy, and home comfort. These innovative window coverings offer convenience, style, and functionality all at the touch of a button, leaving Charlotte, NC, homeowners to live in ultimate luxury. 

At The Integrated Home, we love automatic window treatments. Keep reading to explore the various shades available today and learn a bit about how they work!

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What Opacity Means for Motorized Shades

A kitchen with semi-opaque motorized shades allows some light in during the day.

The Light Filtering Properties of Motorized Shades Explained

How much light would you like to come in through your motorized shades? How much privacy will you require? These questions will help you determine the opacity level needed for your new window treatments. Opacity is the amount of shade your window treatments will provide based on the fabric type used to make them. 

Continue reading to learn more about opacity, including the options available for motorized shades and how they will impact the energy efficiency of your Charlotte, NC, home.

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Motorized Shades Offer Beauty and Automated Control of Daylight

A living room with a fireplace, flat-screen TV, and red motorized shades partially drawn.

Bring Beauty and Effortless Living to Your Home with J Geiger’s Inception Shades

Manually operated window coverings offer beauty, privacy, and the ability to control natural light. Unfortunately, there’s a downside to them. They are inconvenient to operate, requiring you to raise and lower them throughout the day as the sun’s glare catches your TV screen or its rays heat up your home. In response, most people tend to leave them lowered for much of the day, missing out on the many benefits and beauty of natural light. 

Motorized shades provide the solution. Now, your shades automatically raise and lower throughout the day, letting in just enough diffuse sunlight. One tap on a touchscreen, in-wall keypad, or remote, and you can raise or lower any shade in any room or throughout your Charlotte, NC, home. 

While growing in popularity, one has to wonder why everyone isn’t taking advantage of this remarkable technology. Let’s explore the reasons and the solutions.

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Spotlight: Hunter Douglas Motorized Window Treatments


Explore the possibilities of smart shading for interior design

Crafting an impeccable interior design that satisfies your clients is challenging. And when you add the latest technology into the mix, it can seem downright overwhelming. Today’s homeowners want to blend style and technology, and they need expert guides to help them. At the Integrated Home, we’ve got the technology covered. And we want to work with interior designers committed to integration.

That’s why we’re spotlighting Hunter Douglas motorized window treatments. They combine the look and versatility your clients will love with the style that will satisfy even the most discerning eye. Want to find out how they can enhance your next Charlotte, NC project? Keep reading for more.


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How to Get the Most out of Your Lutron Shades

What is most important to you when it comes to shades? Is it privacy, style, or energy savings? You can accomplish all three goals with our Lutron motorized shades. But to make the most out of your investment, you should consider these three different smart strategies. Read this blog to find out what they are.

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  1. Maintain Privacy

If your top priority is maintaining privacy, blackout shades would be one way to ensure no one can see in your home. However, Lutron roller shades can be customized to still give you some visibility so you can see outside of your home. You’ll be able to see outside, and some light will come through, but people won’t be able to see inside your house.

Keep in mind that the darker your roller shade fabric is, the better you will be able to see through them. It seems counterintuitive, but take a look at a white roller shade and you won’t be able to see anything.

  1. Save Energy

The best way to save energy is to connect your shades to the rest of your smart home system. Motorized shades already help shave money off your bill every month, but when you tie them to the lighting and HVAC, you can save even more.

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How to Choose the Right Motorized Shades

How to Choose the Right Motorized Shades

Spring is the perfect time to spruce up your home with new styles. Whether you want to completely redesign your home or just rearrange the furniture, the small touches make a big difference. Shades, in particular, can have a dramatic impact on your interiors. But are your shades easy to control and are they versatile enough to work with the other smart devices you own? Motorized shades are not only convenient to use, but they also add beauty and style to your home. With so many options, how do you make the right choice? The first step is learning about all the different shade types and fabric types and how they will affect your smart home performance. Keep reading to learn more. 

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Choosing a Shade Brand

The Integrated Home is your local Lutron-certified dealer, and there's a reason why we have chosen this brand over many of the others. While Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, Lutron practically invented lighting control. Their company has been innovating lighting and shading solutions for over 40 years. They've installed lighting and shading systems in the White House, Windsor Castle, and many other famous sites all over the world. As a leader in integration technology, we trust Lutron over all the other names.

Choosing a Color for Your Shades

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