Design More Comfortable Interior Environments with Motorized Window Treatments


Motorized Window Treatments Add Protection and Luxury with Style

As a designer, you are expert in creating custom designs that fit both form and function. When it comes to window treatments, they function to manage light and privacy while adding form with design and materials. But there’s one extra touch you can add to your window treatment designs that bring even more function with the form – power, and automation. 

Motorized window treatments are a smart home feature that’s quickly becoming mainstream. They make harnessing and managing natural light much easier for a more comfortable home environment, especially when integrated into a home automation system. If you are designing new window treatments for a Charlotte, NC, project, you should go with powered options. Explore three reasons why below!

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Comfort and Efficiency

Summer may be ending soon, but a western exposure might still warm up one part of a house much more than the other. Manual shades are tedious to raise and lower various times throughout the day. With motorized shades, one button can do it all. Your clients can lift one window, a few windows, or all windows on one side of the house at the same time. Or they can operate on a schedule to follow the path of the sun around the house. The light can be filtered, blocked, or let in according to comfort preferences.

For efficiency, control powered shades with smart home automation. In tandem with lighting and climate control, your clients can create more comfortable environments with the perfect balance of natural and artificial light and let the HVAC system work more efficiently. 

Protect Interiors

Winter or summer, too much exposure to the sun’s UV rays can damage your carefully designed and curated interior finishes and furnishings. Let in filtered light with fabrics that have different translucent properties. In a bedroom, dual powered blackout shades can block out all light for comfortable sleep, while the filtering properties of the front shade can allow natural light during the day without excess exposure or heat gain. With smart home automation, window treatments can open or close on a schedule or become triggered by light or heat sensors. Your clients will appreciate the practical benefits of the luxury of power. 

Styles for Every Window and Decor

As a designer, you will never forgo aesthetics for convenience. With motorized window treatments, there’s no need to choose. Powered window treatments are available in a plethora of fabrics, colors, styles, and transparency. In addition, there are roller shades, motorized blinds, roman shades, horizontal and vertical opening drapery tracks, and more. There's a motorized style to fit almost any window, even skylights. 

Create more luxurious, comfortable, and stylish home environments with custom motorized window treatments. To learn more, contact The Integrated Home in Charlotte, NC, today by calling 704-412-4040, filling out an online form, or connecting with us instantly by clicking the chat window below. We look forward to working with you!

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