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An Interior Designer’s Guide to Motorized Shading Systems

Motorized shades add a dash of luxury and convenience to any home they’re installed inside. Users can tell their smart speaker, “Alexa, lower the shades,” and watch the blinds lower across the entire property.

If you’re an interior designer curious about motorized shading systems, Screen Innovations is a brand to have on your radar. They’re also known for manufacturing high-end projector film screens. Screen Innovations’ smart shades offer plenty of fabrics, wired and wireless control options, and let users automate the technology through smart home systems like Control4.

Learn how motorized shading systems work below to see if Screen Innovations could be a fit for your luxury home design projects. As a certified dealer in Charlotte, NC, we can implement a system customized to your client’s needs.

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Power Motorized Shades with Janus  

If you’ll be outfitting a property with many window treatments, Screen Innovation’s Janus control hub provides power for up to eight shades or screens at once. The Janus is a compact size, so we can easily stack multiple hubs in your client’s equipment rack. The system is infinitely expandable and can supply power for any type of wire.

Choose from Wired Motorized Shades

With Screen Innovations shades, over one hundred fabric options are available to choose from, ranging from sheer, light screens to opaque black-out fabrics. The Duo model includes two-in-one, so your clients can enjoy the view and sunshine with one shade and later in the day, lower an opaque shade for privacy. They call the Nano Box the “world’s smallest cassette” at 2.75 inches tall, holding the rolled-up shades inside the canister for a sleek, modern appearance.

Or Use Veil Drapery Tracks  

If your client’s property has a wall of windows or curved walls, the Veil drapery tracks are the perfect option. When activated, the motor extends shades horizontally across the wall, no matter the shape. The touch-motion feature means that when you tug on the drapes, they’ll activate and start moving. It’s Zigbee 3.0 compatible, so we can integrate the Veil into a smart system.

Screen Innovations offers three fabric styles of the Veil: the Pinch Pleat, Ripple Fold, and Accordia so that you can get extra creative. Your clients can turn on their smart drapes through a minimalistic wall panel, smart remote, or through a phone app.   

Plus, the Zen Exterior Shades

Screen Innovations doesn’t only make motorized blinds for the indoors. Their Zen Exterior Shades can rise and descend on a porch, patio, or any backyard space. If someone’s relaxing with drinks on the porch and bugs start to swarm, they can tap their smart app or remote and watch sheer shades rise, keeping insects out without blocking the view. The Zen shades can also protect against wind, sun, or pollen, so your clients can enjoy the fresh air in comfort.

Are you interested in motorized shades and other smart home technology? You can learn more about them in our blog series here. And if you’re looking for a home automation partner in the Charlotte area, contact The Integrated Home.

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